Frequently Asked Questions

How can I become an admin?

You'll need to apply for admin here.

I'd like to make a map for Boss Battles. How do I do that?

You can find a lot of information about how to make Boss Battles maps here.

Where can I find specific information about different bosses and classes?

The info center.

Where do I go to discuss things related to Boss Battles?

You'll want either the Boss Battles official forums or the Official Blockland Forums thread.

I'd like to support the server! What can I do to help?

Become an admin! We're always in need of good admins, if you can proove that you're responsible we'd be more than happy to have you help keep the server under control. Aside from that, donations are helpful for buying more server time.

Why aren't there more frequent updates?

Development is slow due to us being busy with other things.

Where/How is the server hosted?

Boss Battles is hosted in New Jersey via BlockNet Dedicated Hosting.

Who actually hosts this?

Most people will tell you it is Pecon7, and they are not crazy.

Why do most classes not have melee weapons?

Melee weapons are extremely ineffective when in close range, most bosses can instakill you while you only do chip-damage.

What does the golden chest do?

It releases the kraken, and terrible secrets. Terrible secrets, I tell you.

Can I donate to the server via a method other than Stripe?

Yes, send questions about alternate donation methods to

Why doesn't [Class] have [Class ability/weapon in TF2] like in TF2?

Because this is not TF2, and thus we are under no obligation to make it like TF2. We prefer to focus on what choices make the game better, rather than what choices make the game more like TF2.

Why don't you add a [Possibly workable character] boss?

Because we have too much other stuff to work on.

Why don't you add a [Unworkable but well known] boss?

Because it is a bad idea.