Base HP 750
HP Per Player 200
HP Curve 25
Speed Fast
Abilities Superjump replaces normal jumping, right-click grabs onto surfaces, crouch + jump to pounce
Weapons Giant Nail, Breaker Gorgon, Bloodfort Andromedia

Giant Nail

Direct Damage 80
Radius None
Type Melee

Giant Nail (Thrown)

Direct Damage 120
Radius None
Type Long-range

Breaker Gorgon

Direct Damage N/A
Radius None
Type AoE paralysis
Effect Paralyzes all players looking at Medusa's eyes for up to 20 seconds!

Bloodfort Andromedia (Drain Trap)

Direct Damage N/A
Radius Huge
Type AoE health drain trap
Effect First must be placed on a surface somewhere. Becomes invisible a few seconds after placement. After waiting at least 30 seconds it can be remotely activated by clicking the drain trap tool.


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