HP 200
Speed Average
Abilities None
Weapons Thunder Shock, Deflector, Shield Generator, Welder, x2 Epoxy Bomb

Thunder Shock

Direct Damage 50
Radius Very small - 50 damage
Type Medium Range, Slow


Direct Damage 0
Radius None
Effect Reflects projectiles

Shield Generator

Direct Damage 0
Radius None
Type Places a shield generator, which creates a shield that absorbs damage that would be taken by people in it. Needs at least (50 * level) power for shield to spawn. You can only build one shield generator at a time.

Epoxy Bomb

Direct Damage 8
Radius Massive
Type Attaches to a surface and detonates when the boss comes into range of it. Covers the boss in glue that greatly hinders their movement for 13 seconds. You can only have one epoxy bomb placed at a time. Cannot detonate immediately.


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