Sky Captain

Base HP 75
HP Per Player 70
HP Curve 20
Speed Slow
Abilities Limited jets and running, HUD displays ammo and health values
Weapons Chaingun, Homing Missles, Vector Laser, Sky Mine


Direct Damage 60
Radius None
Type Long-Ranged, Rapid-Fire, Ammo-limited (Quick regeneration)

Homing Missle

Direct Damage 90
Radius Medium
Type Long-Ranged, Homing, Slow-firing, Ammo-Limited (Slow regeneration)
Tip Homes on closest damageable object, results may vary.

Vector Laser

Direct Damage 20
Radius None
Type Short-Ranged, Homing, Wall-Piercing, Rechargeable (1.5 minute recharge)
Homes in on players that are close to your position, tends to make multi-kills assuming enough players are in range. Players can crouch to avoid being hit.

Sky Mine

Direct Damage 45
Radius Medium
Type Throwable item, timed detonation


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