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BLID: 43023
March 10, 2016 11:07:14
PSA: Applications that are not up to par with standards have been removed from the review. This was done to reduce the time admins had to spend on the reviewing process since it was taking hours and becoming a mess in previous reviewing sessions. If your application is not here, you may reapply at your leisure.

Name: Copy_Kirby

ID: 178374

Experience: Kicked from minigame to help on Ze operators server and spaces's server.
Admin on toadlovers, zaxstars, cones, nintenboys and kawaii mudkips, I'm mod on stan_the_waffle_man's server, but nothing of a higher scale. This is because I like to help smaller servers get bigger.

What is my job: An admin's job is not a perk, it's a responsibility. To enforce the rules and keep the server fun for everyone. For example, if someone is mad at the server, and there's a fight. An admin's job in the scenario would be to break up the fight and get everyone to calm down. I believe so because everyone deserves a second chance. Who knows. It could just be as simple as a missed backstab or wrench hit. If the act still keeps up. Then an admin's job would be to resolve the conflict and tell them firmly to stop fighting. If it still keeps up, and admin's job will be to kick the two players, trying to keep the server fun for everyone. If the same thing keeps up then unfortunately. An admin's job would be to ban the two.

Why should you accept me: I have a long history with boss battles and I believe its one of the best server there is. It's always up and always has a good amount of players. Unfortunately, there are those time's where there are no admins online. I often play even when the server has a low amount of players. As such, even if there little to no players, an argument or a fight could be happening. And that's where I could step in and help. I'f i'm in a mood that could affect my administrating ability, I won't come on the server so I can't ruin anything or end up banning someone falsely.

Tophat: No. Feels like it repeats itself too much along with having a few errors in it but I like the intent and mindset behind it.
Pecon: No. You have a great intention behind you and decent experience, but I disagree with your definition of your job. I like the direction you were going with it, but many times more immediate action is required on a judgement call. Mutes exist for the express purpose of shushing people who are overreacting or arguing.
Trinko: No. Your application is good, but I don't think it lives up to my standards. I also don't exactly care for how you act in the server sometimes, but it's more of a personal opinion than an actual thing to be worried about.
Jetz: No. Your mentality seems good, but your approach to administration sounds really simplistic. You have good experience, and the reason to accept you is better than most, so consider reapplying. Also fix up the grammar a bit.
Aqua: No. "What is my job" is what mainly turns me away from this. Both the grammar and the way you explained an admin's job seem really poor. Other then that, the application was good for the most part.
Aware: No. Your description of an admins job is too focused on a single scenario and not as broad as we usually look for. Your reasons to accept are pretty generic. Obviously you should not ban someone falsely, so I do not see why you need to put that into your reason.
Mr. J: No. Aside from some grammatical errors, your description of an administrator's job is simplistic and generic.
Danny Boy: No for now. Decent attempt at the application but the "What is my job section" is somewhat lacking. I suggest you rethink it and have another go.

Score: -8, denied

Name: General R

ID: 16882

Experience: I have a good bulk of administration experience in servers ranging from low player counts, to high player counts. Some of the higher up servers I have administered include Tezuni's Servers, where I have had to moderate the chat, keep order, and deal with annoyances; Sanctus Rem's AoKE Knife TDM, watching over the chat and players, while maintaining order; and Visolator's old servers, helping out with anything needed. There are many small servers I have administered that have shut down that I cannot recall at the moment, but I have learned what qualities a good admin needs. Since I have been a Blockland member for almost five years now, I have had lots of time to become admin on servers. I believe that I have a lot to bring to the table when it comes to the experience portion.

What is my job: I like to think of an Admin team as an Executive Branch. They enforce the rules, and keep order on a server, but that's it. I believe the biggest job of an Admin is to enforce the rules of the server properly, and efficiently so that the players on the server are happy with a well-working server. On the other hand, if you have an abusive staff team, the server would collapse, similar to a government collapsing. Without a strong administration team to enforce the rules, and keep the server in tip-top shape, the server would go downhill, and eventually die. But, I'm not completely saying admin's can't have fun with the players once in a while. An important quality of an admin is to engage with the players so that they keep wanting to come back, and have a fun time playing with you, and other fellow teammates. Boss Battles is supposed to be a fun server, and the admin's should keep it that way

Why should you accept me: I believe that I should be accepted because I have tried my hardest to become a better person than I was in the past. I believe I moved past that "immature" stage. Nobody is perfect, but I am trying my hardest to be. Most importantly, I feel that I have a certain bond with the players and admins on this server. If I became an admin, I believe it would make a positive impact because of what I can do for everyone. I have great qualities such as being friendly, helpful, and kind, and I love helping out new players (or everyone, in fact). I would be great at it because I have played on this server for many years, and I know almost everything to know about Boss Battles. I never judge people based on what they act like, and I always try to help them out in times of trouble. Like some people do, I'm not putting no time into my application, and applying JUST for the title of "Admin"; I'm applying because I want to dedicate myself to this server, and make it better every day I log on. Whenever I am about to make a pretty big decision, I always think of what the positive and negative outcome will be, such as a ban, so I do not end up ruining said server's reputation. I try my hardest not to overstep my bounds as admin, because I hate to abuse admin. If anything ever goes overboard, I will have Super Admins in my contact so I don't end up blowing something up. I like to be looked up at by a lot of people, and I don't want to lose their trust by being a dingus (similar to redconer). If you accept me, I will earn your trust every step of the way and dedicate myself to the server. I will try my hardest to enforce the rules and keep the server in tip-top condition while other admins are offline, and I hope that I can get myself in-gear as soon as possible. (Thank you for reading!)

Tophat: Yes. Kind of went on a tangent on what the job was and the acceptance bit had a repeat or two, but all in all this is a solid application and I believe he can back up his words. There was a drama topic brought up last time General R applied, but I believe we're past that now.
Pecon: Yes. Experience is good. Your description of the job got a bit sidetracked but still conveyed that you know what you're doing. A+ on the why to accept section, you've sold yourself extremely well here. If we kept applications as examples I'd keep that section for display.
Trinko: Yes. You and I might not have had a good past long ago, but I think you have changed a decent bit. Your "What is my job" section is amazing and the over all application is just magnificent. I think you would live up to the things you have mentioned in your application and do it very well.
Aqua: Yes. Most of the application was spot on, last part on why we should accept you made me a bit uneasy for whatever reason, but still very good.
Aware: Yes. This application was really good and we can see you spent a lot of time revising it. I think your reasons to accept you could have been cut to be more relevant, specifically at the point where you start talking about not overstepping your bounds. As a future note to anyone who reads this: Try to stay focused on the important parts of your application. Do not add to your application just to make it more lengthy.
Mr. J: Yes. Aside from the small tangents, this is a superb example of what a solid application should look like.
Danny Boy: Yes. I've seen you administrate and have administrated with you and you're very effective and level headed in the role.

Score: 7, accepted!

Name: Zubora

ID: 3732

Experience: I've been playing for a very long time. I don't have any documented experience, but I would co-host servers back in the day. I would be befriend someone with a server just by being a trustworthy regular. They would allow me to help them run the server, which I very grateful for. I had a few servers where I would go around an monitor.

Here's what I'm saying; I've been playing this game for ages and I know how people play it.

What is my job: I'll start with what an admin's job is not - an admin does not control the players, an admin (on this server, I feel) should only punish if there is any harassment or bullying happening. If someone found an exploit in the game, I feel even then should not be a good time to use administration force.

Why should you accept me: Like I said previously, I've been co-admins a lot in the past. I think the real kicker is my years and years of Blockland experience in general. I'm also very fluent in wrench events. I don't know how much help I can be, but I know having another admin around won't hurt. I've experienced grade A harassment in Blockland before.

Tophat: No. Although there's not much to back up experience other than an ID number, I think that's what shines in this application, but seems too weak overall.
Pecon: No. Most of your reasoning is too weak. Experience is too vague, but I probably could have looked past that if you had sold yourself better in the other sections. The job section is probably what you did best in, the reasoning is good and to the point but doesn't really elaborate enough.
Trinko: No. I personally think this application needs more work. Other than that you are good to go.
Aqua: No. My main problem is your reasoning of why we should accept you. Some of the things you listed are things that the forum application guide said NOT to list. Everything else is meh, not too much details and too much "I've had this game for a long time".
Aware: No. Your experience makes me think that you want to be admin just for the sake of being admin. Your reason: "I don't know how much help I can be, but I know having another admin around won't hurt" just proves my statement. Please do not put "I can event" on your application. It is not a reason.
Mr. J: No. Just having a low ID number does not equate to having experience, and the other reasons such as "I've been playing this game for ages and I know how people play it," is too weak.
Danny Boy: No. Reasoning is weak and the fact that you think having a low ID makes you a good admin shows a lack of maturity needed to administrate a server.

Score: -7, denied

Name: Klinko

ID: 39698

Experience: - TheOnlyOne's Server (SA [server varies from City RPGs to Fort Wars, Army RPs, etc.])
- VideogameHelper's Server (SA [server varies])
- GrapeJellyToastMan.'s Server (SA [server varies])
- Klinko's Infiltrate the Base (Host)
- iPizza's Server (Admin [server varies])

I have been admin on many smaller servers, such as other Boss Battle servers, multiple roleplays, Mini Empires, Freebuilds, Zombie Apocalypses, TDMS, and so on, but currently I cannot recall all of the hosts' names.

Although I am not admin on these, I have been a helpful hand to TheHellSpy's servers, such as Futuristic Army and Futuristic Prison Escape, and a Regular on Tezuni's servers.

What is my job: I believe an admin's job is to nurture the server he/she is admin on and the players who play on the server. An admin should keep an eye out on chat, player actions, and anything else that goes on in the server. Admins need to make sure everything is right, that nothing is going wrong. It is also an admin's responsibility to be a role model to other people, in case they too want to be admin. An admin should also punish the ones who must be punished, with a kick, mute, ban, warning, or other. They should not just kick/ban/mute because they wanted to, I think they should kick/ban/mute when a rule is actually broken in any way. An admin should enforce the rules, and make sure no troublemakers are lurking in the server. They should fix any problems and/or mistakes that are on the server, whether it's event problems or what other people have done. Admins should take any questions from curious players and help anybody out in need. Bottom line is that admins must keep the server in order, make sure no cruel, unruly players are causing harm to the server, and always make sure that the rules are not being broken in any way whatsoever.

Why should you accept me: I have been on this server since Hangar was the only map playable. I am very active, going on for at least more than 1 hour or so, mostly way more than 1 hour, unless I must get off due to things I must do in real life, and/or virtually. I always try to join the server and love to help new people, or just any people that have questions. I am always more than glad to help anyone, no matter what it is they need help with. Many people have recommended me, and here are a few:

Nails, Xotichl, Newton, Stats, Nova Flare Seraph Q, Regirock, Grox, Soroxzion, Stallord, Forum Reject, Mr.Steve, iPizza, ChanceTEHarbinger, GrapeJellyToastMan., and TheOnlyOne.

I am a nice, calm person, and sometimes take bad situations and try to fix it calmly, no matter how bad the problem is. If a mistake is made, I shall fix it right away, and I will not leave the server until I have completed my tasks. If I have made the mistake, and I know that I did something wrong, I will admit it. I shall become a man and own up to my mistakes. I understand what an admin is expected to do on this server, as sometimes it can be stressful or many problems or questions may be asked at once, but I feel like I am able to fix any problems and answer any questions, no matter what. At times, my answers may be incorrect, and/or I may not know something. If this happens, I will ask players with more knowledge of the server than I, or other admins. I am familiar with what the Boss Battles community is like, so I feel like that is an advantage for me, as I know what to expect from players and know how to deal with them. I have been trusted, and I still am trusted by many people. I will make sure everyone is treated equally, that no person should be left out or feel bad. I love this server to bits. Boss Battles has given me an amazing time, and I would love to return the favor to other players. The server kept me entertained by the players' jokes and the things that happen in-game. Don't get me wrong, I love to joke around, but I always know when it is time to be serious. Keeping this server safe and fun is my top priority, and I feel that I can make the Boss Battles server better than it already is.

Tophat: No. I realize these applications were made a very long time ago and we're just now reviewing them, but using an alt key as experience is foul play. The job description area repeats itself too much, the first part of the acceptance bit seems to be buzzword avenue, whereas the second part is full of promises that make me uneasy. Besides the few outbursts this individual has had at the server, it's good to see someone energetic about applying.
Pecon: No.
Trinko: No. So you are Videogamer's alt and you expect us to fall for your newly discovered sockpuppeting? No thanks bud.
Aqua: No, application has several problems. Experience seems small, the explanation for the job of an admin seems to repeat the same sentence over and over, and telling me how often you play on the server doesn't make me want to accept you anymore then the next person.
Aware: No. This application is a good application, you have good recommendations, your description, and your reasoning are all good. Your experience seems fine, but I do not think being a regular on a server is considered experience. The thing that makes me say no is people saying that you are using your alt for experience. I do not know much about this, but if you are willing to lie about your experience it makes me wonder what other parts of the application you are lying about. Simply put I do not trust this application as authentic.
Mr. J: No. I felt like I was reading the same sentence over and over for two paragraphs, and using an alt makes me doubt your integrity, something which I never should in an applicant.
Danny Boy: No. You drag out each point into 3 sentences when it can be done in one in order to make it seem like you have put down more information. Once you take that into account there isn't very many strong points.

Score: -7, denied

Name: StarWarsBee

ID: 74781

Experience: To start, I have hosted many successful servers in my time, ranging from TDM's to MERPs. I have also been admin on quite a few other servers, including Vixorio's Boss Battles, lbpguy20's MERP, and a few other that aren't up anymore. I was also Moderator on a few servers for a while, including Tezuni's servers.

What is my job: I believe that an admin's job is to help moderate and enforce server rules, as well as to help players out when they need it. They need to be firm, but fair all at the same time. They should have zero tolerance for things such as trolling, spamming, flaming, or cheating. They should also be there whenever players have questions, or they need help in general.

Why should you accept me: I believe that your server needs admins that can get the job done, no matter what. I feel like I am one of those people. If I become one of your staff members I know your server will benefit. I can go from, have fun, play the server mode, to get engaged and deal with a problem mode. These are the people your server needs. If I become one of your staff, I promise you, that I will show, the strength and stability, that is Pecon's Boss Battles.

Tophat: No. Solid application, but seems a tad bit average in the acceptance part however.
Pecon: No. Nothing above the ordinary.
Trinko: No. Too much use of "they" and your acceptance reason is not convincing.
Aqua: No. I do like your explanation for an admin's job, though. Main problem has to be the last part on accepting you.
Aware: No.
Mr. J: No. I like your description of the job, but the application in of itself is too basic.
Danny Boy: No. Decent attempt but I think you should elaborate more and try again.

Score: -7, denied

Name: ProTear

ID: 109211

Experience: If you do it right like I did, it is a wonderful, and fun experience for all. I have been an admin at several different servers in the past, such as Gothboy77's Jail RPG, Mexicutionist's RPG, and Simpelli's Prison Escape. They were all wonderful hosts, and I would most definitely provide my utmost gratitude to them all once again.

What is my job: What I believe an admin's job is, is to provide players with info, motivate others, and listen to another's feelings, and understand the situation. I also believe that an admin's job isn't only to force rules down players throats, he/she should also enjoy the server, and make it comfortable for everyone.

Why should you accept me: The reasons why I think you should accept me is because, The first reason being, I can efficiently analyze issues the players might have. For example, if someone cannot find something they are looking for, or if they might be new to the server, I can address them properly. Also, I can work well with others, be supportive, and I am very punctual with complaints. I can provide feedback to questions to the best of my ability, enforce policies, and take charge. I direct others to follow all of the expectations of the server. Another reason you should accept me is, I can multi-task. I would not take my time on just one player, I would attend to others without choosing favorites. Even if the man/woman is a complete jerk, and I dislike them to my heart can't take it anymore, I would politely inform them of the rules before using brute force. If I did not do so, it would make me lose the trust of the players, and that isn't very good. Also, my Communication and Listening skills are on point. I speak fluently, and grammatically. I listen attentively. I express ideas and opinions. I would not give out false information about the server that could potentially make others dislike the server. I am a leader, not a follower. To conclude my proposal, the reason I think you should accept me is, I can diligently, and effectively deal with others in an appropriate fashion. I am very punctual with complaints, and I play on the server frequently enough to attend the players of the server with proper attention. Also, I am very conscientious of others.

Tophat: No. I do not doubt your ability, but the experience doesn't come from the best place. I think you could've gotten rid of some padding in the acceptance area, but overall great application, just some errors here and there. It does kind of read off like a checklist though and that turns me away from this application.
Trinko: No. "Force rules down everyone's throats" isn't a good wording for enforcing rules and kind of cancels out the whole idea of making people comfortable. Your acceptance reason is pretty nice, but I still don't think you are up to the task.
Aqua: No. I feel like the explanation of an admin's job could've used quite a bit more, and why we should accept you seems to kinda repeat at some parts. I would ask for you to re-apply, since you seem somewhat enthusiastic about applying, and I like that.
Aware: Yes. I believe this is a pretty solid application and you seem like a competent person.
Mr. J: No. What mostly turns me away from this application is the checklist style structure and the part about "forcing" rules on people. With a little work, however, this could be a great application and I recommend reapplying in the future.
Pecon: No. Your definition of administration is a bit distressing.
Danny Boy: No. I got to "force rules down players throats" and made my decision.

Score: -5, denied

Name: King Pookie

ID: 190734

Experience: I was admin on a Jail Rp server a few years ago and I cant remember how it went and I cant remember the host's name but the server wasn't popular at all so I'm not sure how it went.

What is my job: I think that an admin should try hard to fix issues on his/her server that they're in control of and to make the game fun for players while showing respect to the players and other admins in the game and an admin should give warnings to a player before kicking or banning the player from the server.

Why should you accept me: I have confidence in myself that I can make everyone keep on feeling like their playing a fair game and I am usually on the Boss Battles server daily so I will be able to monitor the server a lot. Although I'm not usually serious about alot of things, I will take this job seriously if I need to so that people will stay happy on the server instead of continuously arguing with other players.

Tophat: No. Application could be better, but the aim of it is good. More experience and some cleaning up would likely benefit you.
Trinko: Nope. Okay firstly, in the "What is my job" section, "server that they are in control of", you make it sound as if admins are control freaks that seek power. That is not true. Secondly, I barely see you on the server so the thing in your acceptance reason might not be true unless you come on extremely early in the morning or something. And lastly, I do not feel like you are up to the task of being admin.
Aqua: No.
Aware: No. Bad experience section. Being admin is not about control.
Mr. J: No. This application could use a lot of work, especially about experience and what the job of administrators are.
Danny Boy: No.

Score: -6, denied

Name: MrZand

ID: 46097

Experience: On SMM, I had a shit host, but people thought I was a pretty great admin overall, sure, I had to ban some RDMers but it was fun for everyone when I was an admin on there. I felt like I was overworking myself with a big responsibility.

What is my job: I believe its to keep the server safe from those who threaten others.
I also believe its to help the server be more secure.
Its usually hard, but another thing is, its usually more of a responsibility then a fun thing.
Admin is one real big job, its a big task for one player, but I've seen some admin's (Aquadoodle) do greater thing's then most server's do. Now, I'm not bragging about one admin, I'm saying that I should take care of those who like the server and punish those who don't. I treat all players the same either way. Duckspy is a bad example of a goodmin. Banning people for no reason, telling people to screw off, and disrespecting other admins. I've learned from all others that administration is not just a responsibility, its a reputation. A thing that helps determine whether that person should be a administrator.

Why should you accept me: I believe I can help people get better at the game, I believe I can ban those who threaten the community or just flat out cheat or stall. I believe I can make Boss Battle's more fun.. and more challenging. But think of all the admins that was out there. Think of everyone that has done good thing. Pecon, I've met you quite a lot. But that's not a reason why I should be admin, I believe some admins can take care of the server, and I think I can be one of them.

Your's truely. ~MrZand

Tophat: No. Entire application seems like it was sent while having cold feet. Uncertain, really. I think it would be better if you reinforced the application overall. If you only think you'll be a good admin, we won't know. You need to know you're a good admin and know you're ready.
Trinko: No. Okay in your experience section, "I felt like I was overworking myself with a big responsibility." Do you know how much this makes you sound like you aren't up to it? It literally makes it sounds like you were hit by a truck and unable to do anything due to paralysis. It instantaneously turned me away from this application, so much so, that I didn't even bother to read the rest of the application. Also why the absolute heck do you even bother putting a signature your application? Do you know there's a name tab in the application form for a reason??
Aware: No. Experience section is a trainwreck. Your description of what an admin seems to praise one of our admins and then you attack an admin on another server. I do not think you understand what an admin should be. Your reasoning just repeats "I believe" and then some expected admin quality.
Mr. J: No. I was immediately turned off by this application for the same reasons Trinko listed.
Aqua: why thank you, but no
Danny Boy: No. Whole application is underwhelming

Score: -6, denied

Name: rggbnnnnn

ID: 46795

Experience: Some inactive servers I was an admin on include Amade's Reverie Fort Wars, Crown's Jailbreak, Cavik's City RPG, and Piexe's City RPG as well. City RPGs are definitely not a good place to go off of considering the reputation those kinds of servers have; however, it still gave me good experience. I'm currently admin on Visolator's servers, and Aoki's City RPG. While my experience is lacking in terms of length and variety, it has taught me how to be a great administrator.

What is my job: The admin's job is not all about kicking and banning. Everyone of the players are on the server for enjoyment, and most people don't go out of there way to ruin other player's experience. I believe that an administrator should help influence the enjoyment by being friendly, helping teach players how to play, and trying to have fun with them. If someone is not enjoying themselves it can bring other players down. An admin should not be an overseer, but rather a person to keep order and also bring more enjoyment.

Why should you accept me: I have been on Boss Battles many times, and a common issue I see happen is that players get bored or confused. There is not always an admin to help them; whether it be that they are working on fixing things or perhaps there are just none on. In my timezone, it becomes apparent how often there are no administrators online. This server is a peak of quality in the server list, but that lack of players sometimes could be helped, I believe. New players seem to get turned away from confusion that Blockland almost forces on a new player. I'm happy to help new players out when they really need it, since I want others to be able to enjoy this game too. I understand that any player can help someone else, but being in the position of a administator reassures their trust. I understand any bias you guys may have towards me. My SMM server was not great by any means, and I always tried to fix it. However, it did teach me a whole lot about being a admin. It's not all about being the savior of the people, but really about making the experience for everyone a whole lot better.

Timezone: pacific

Tophat: No. I believe in your ability to be a proper admin and handle situations that arise, however the application is weak overall. Besides the few errors in it, described experience is a bit on the sketchy side, job description gets to the point in the end, but the acceptance kind of brings my mood down on this as a whole. The argument that 'an admin not being on to help players' being used as a reason of acceptance is weak in the end. If some padding was taken away and the application turns to focus on the strong points that it has, I think this would be a whole lot better.
Trinko: Yes, I like this application, it is very convincing and you sound like you are an overall likeable person.
Aqua: Nope. While your experience was pretty good, you seemed to repeat yourself a lot in the explanation of an admin's job with "enjoyment". I do realize that you want to come off as friendly, and I like that, but you never really explained how you would deal with a situation if one arose. And considering how some people can get quite annoying, and problems can sometimes arise, it just drives me to say no.
Aware: No. From my quick background research you were actually a moderator on Crown's server, but this is not that big of a deal since they are basically the same. Some of your experience seems to come from hosting servers for people. Your job description is fairly solid. My main problems come for your reasons why we should accept you. You seem to be scraping the bottom of the barrel for reasons. Saying that there aren't enough admins in your timezone is pretty bad considering that you are located in and around the most common admin timezones. I tend to look for quality over quantity in the reasons.
Mr. J: No. The repetition throughout the application and the fact that your main reason for why we should accept you due to there not being enough administrators in your timezone, which there are plenty of, is too weak to me.
Danny Boy: Yes. Very solid application.
Trifornt: Yes. Your SMM server cut me extremely deep the first time I joined. You didn't seem to know the qualities of a good admin, nor did you quite understand how to properly handle a case. I get that Boss Battles isn't exactly THE HIGHEST FORM OF ADMINISTRATION - ONLY THE BEST GET IN but as far as I'm concerned you were horribly mediocre. Let some time pass, you have a solid application and I've definitely seen huge improvements with you. SMM is still trash but you did your best to make it playable and your repeated attempts at fixing Super RDM Mystery's numerous flaws was definitely admirable.

Score: -1, denied

Name: stan_the_waffle_man

ID: 38425

Experience: Previously, I have administrated on my own Boss Battles and Randomizer servers. Other servers I have administrated include Ze Operator's servers, Graffiti Cat's servers, and many more in the past.

What is my job: When you ask someone what an admin's job is, they'll most likely respond something along the lines of an unbiased, unselfish person. If you asked me, I would most likely respond similarly. An admin should be a member of the server community, contributing opinions in discussions. Furthermore, admins should be expected to provide a warm and welcoming experience to players.

Why should you accept me: You should accept me because I believe that I can fulfill the requirements listed above. Along with this, I believe that I will be able to be help out when asked, even if my skill level is not of the highest caliber. I do not have any experience coding and I am not an exceptional builder, but I should be able to provide right justice, much needed in a server that generates enormous traffic. If you accept me as administrator, then I will try to be a fair and kind administrator.

Tophat: Yes. Application becomes weaker the longer it goes on but only slightly. I am in favor of this application since Stan can back up his words and is a regular player on the server, well-mannered and doesn't bring anyone's moods down when I've been on.
Aqua: Yes. Server experience seems a bit short, but I've seen you administrate first-hand before. Explanation of an admin's job could use a bit more, but the last part makes up for that.
Trinko: Yes. Your application may be small, but it seems to support itself, as if it was taking down a giant. I like this, I want to see how you would do as admin here.
Aware: No. The people reviewing before me seem to think you would be a good admin, but I do not really know you that well so I am going to decide based on what I see in this application. This application is very weak. I have seen much better applications get denied in the past. I do not see anything special or even that good in this application.
Mr. J: No. This application seems weak, generic, and not thought out. As Aware stated, I do not see anything compelling or convincing enough to make me want to accept you, and much more polished applications in the past than this one have been denied.
Danny Boy: No. Application is lacking in proper reasoning in why you would make a good admin

Score: 0, denied

Name: Visolator

ID: 48980

Experience: Prince Jay's servers (Admin)
Kong123's servers (Super Admin)
My servers (RPG, Freebuild, Survive the Disasters, etc.) (Super Admin of course)
Wrapperup's servers (Admin | Super admin)
Agent Blue's Jail Escape and Zombie (Admin)
Chrisbot6's Super Creeper (Admin)
That Blue Creeper's servers (Super Admin)
Pecon7's Boss Battles (Admin)
Akowalski's Runners Vs Snipers (Super Admin)
Cavik's CityRPG (Admin)
iPizza's Throwmod (Super Admin)
Conan's servers (Super Admin)
and occasionally smaller servers

What is my job: My job is to keep others intact, making sure no issues attempt to rise. Muting as the first warning, then other consequences will apply, depending on what happened. I will make sure the server stays free from user problems as much as I can.

Why should you accept me: Even though I used to be admin here, I would still need to reapply. Arguments and unreasoning rage will always rise at one point and should be stopped, if there are no admins on, it might be a little tough to stop it. If a new player connects, I will be there to help them if they have any questions, as well for the others too. There are a lack of admins sometimes when I am on the server, and I think I should be here again. There will be times where I could be having a bad day, and we all have our own bad days because of something that happened, I understand that I should most likely control myself and not go overboard with anything. I understand that I do have a bad history on Blockland from the things I've done last year, but I've been trying to change since then and I've been moving on from it.

Tophat: No. I feel like your judgement isn't the greatest at times, while understandable it lead to many a bad thing later on and seems that you could've stopped it. I view my trust as betrayed since I originally recommended you to begin with, so it puts a somewhat bitter taste in my mouth. I would say the time gap is still too small.
Trinko: No. I'm afraid your "What is my job" section doesn't entirely explain what an admin is, friend. I'm sorry buddy.
Aqua: No. Setting aside the incident that occurred with you last year, it'd still be a no. The experience is good, but the explanation of an admin's job is poor. It's extremely short, and even more so considering that you used to admin here. I don't hold anything against you, but the application could use some work.
Aware: No. I like you much more as a friend then as an admin. After your incident that got your key revoked I do not believe I trust you enough to take care of something important to me.
Mr. J: No. Seeing as what happened in the past based upon what my colleagues before me have said, I doubt your integrity, which is something I never should in an applicant, especially if that applicant used to be one of us. Perhaps you can reapply in the future with a more polished application when enough time has passed, particularly in what our job is. However, I like how you organized your experience.
Danny Boy: Yes. Good application and despite your incident I feel like you showed that you can hit rock bottom in the community and come back as a respected player and from my experience a strong admin
Trifornt: Yes. I've seen you administrate before on the server numerous times and while your admin app is rather lacking, so was mine when I was approved. You still do need work in some areas but in general you're good enough to be an admin. The horrible bias against you I'm seeing here is something I don't quite understand and while I am pretty sure you will still be denied (which is going to anger me) due to a single incident that happened about a year ago that, given that this is the BL community, people don't research the whole thing and hold grudges against you for something they don't even know the story about - or they just don't know/care how much of a turn-around you've legitimately had.

Score: -3, denied

Name: Drydess

ID: 31596

Experience: I've been admin on a bunch of freebuilds, although none in specific stand out from the others. I was also Super Admin on Jericho's server, Super Admin on Lbpguy20's Arcade/MERP, Admin on Future's servers, and temporarily admin on Conan's server (I was deadmined due to a list wipe, and inactivity). I'm also considered a good moderator by others on Tezuni's servers.

What is my job: An admin's job is not to be a useless person in a position of power that's there only to ban people. It's there to help the server when they need it, and make sure the general population is having fun playing the game. After all, that's why they bought the game - to have fun. If a player spams some, you not only mute them for a fair amount of time but also tell them that spamming is against the rules. A final duty of an admin is to make sure that all hell doesn't break loose on the server.

Why should you accept me: You should accept me not only because many people want me to be admin (Future, Redconer, Binkybaldjln, Techblaze, Block55 as some examples), but also because I have good experience, and am likable. Hell, tons of people in Blockland like me. This is important for being staff because it both raises the quality of the server, but also keeps it from going to chaos. Also, on a side note, I'm very active on the server. Finally, I am adaptable to any situation and deal out punishments based on the rule they broke. If a person spams, mute them. If a person evades the mute by leaving and rejoining, ban them. If someone uses BLHack on the server, I not only permanently ban them but also, for instance, drama them on the BL forums.

Tophat: Yes. Competent individual who has a good sense of humor to keep things running smoothly. Well crafted application save for a few spots, but I wouldn't pass it up.
Aqua: No. The experience is good, and the explanation of the admins job is decent, but the last part is what kinda turns me away from it. You seem to sell yourself on how many people like you, and that makes me somewhat uneasy. The entire last section of the application is stuff that we already expect from you, or things that shouldn't even be listed. The rest of the application is good, but listing that you're popular and you have people that want you to be admin doesn't help this application at all, it only hurts it. And that's why I have to say no.
Trinko: No. I'm gonna say no due to mixed thoughts. You don't exactly have to tell us how you mute or ban people like you did in the last part because we expect this from you. You do seem like a very reputable person though even if you make somewhat offensive jokes towards me, and I think you're chill but I still don't like the last bit.
Aware: Recommended. I never got to tell Drydess that I recommended him simply because I did not know he was applying. Had I known I would have told him.
Mr. J: No. What turns me away from this application is the final portion for the same reasons Aqua stated.
Danny Boy: No. Being a good admin is not a popularity test.

Score: -2, denied

Name: JoeW

ID: 139514

Experience: - Moderator of Mercy Unlimited Minecraft server
Some time ago, circa 2010 or 2011, a Minecraft server named "Mercy Unlimited" was operating and it was a server that I had spent quite some time on. Eventually, because I felt that I was responsible enough and had the skills to become a staff member of said server, I applied for the Moderator position. With this position came basic moderation duties such as mutes, (sometimes) temporary bans, and forum moderation as well. Furthermore, any problems in regards to the chat whether it be arguments between people or cases of serious harassment were all to be dealt with accordingly as a result of my acceptance of the Moderator position. It was in this server that I met a group of people that I continue to speak with to this day.

- Moderator of Grudge of Mine Minecraft server
Unfortunately, Mercy Unlimited eventually came to an unfortunate end when the server would no longer operate; the exact reason for the server shutdown I do not remember. With this came a seemingly endless Minecraft deficit within the group that I had met on that server and became great friends with. Eventually, another Minecraft server named "Grudge of Mine" was opened by the same group of people who had operated "Mercy Unlimited." With this came another Moderator position opportunity, though I do not believe I was required to apply a second time, as I do not remember doing so. Therefore, I was made an automatic Moderator of the server and performed the same duties as on "Mercy Unlimited." Roughly the same community joined back and continued to play on this brand new server and seemed to enjoy every bit of it; I know I did, as I was playing and moderating the server and was having a great time overall.

- Administrator and Co-owner of Grudge of Mine Minecraft server (same server name, different ownership)
Again, and eventually, the first "Grudge of Mine" Minecraft server was shutdown, but this time I do recall why it was shutdown; the lack of profits made from donations and donator perks. This left the owners of the server at least $4,000 in the hole. Unfortunately, their investment of both time and finances into the server never paid off monetarily, but I can assure you that it was enjoyed by many, many people and that many, many memories were made in that server.

With the shutdown of the server, a friend and I from school had some interest in operating our own Minecraft server and asked the owners of the now blast-of-the-past server of "Grudge of Mine" if we could use the name for a new server; to revamp what relationships, bonds, and memories that were made on the previous server and provide another server to allow those memories and bonds to flourish. They agreed, and my friend and I co-owned the Minecraft server. My friend handled all of the internal server stuff, such as the files and whatnot. I handled the website, forums, and other public relations content. With this, I was considered an Administrator/Co-owner of the server and was responsible for the hiring and managing of new Moderators and other staff, temporary and permanent bans, mutes, in-game issues such as hacking and other forms of cheating, and abuse of donator privileges. In addition, I helped construct a variety of structures around the Minecraft server for both public and private usage, just like that on the other two servers mentioned above. This was a level of administration that I hadn't experienced before and it was, in short, a rush. I felt very proud to have had the experience on other servers to back me up when administrating my own Minecraft server, and with that I knew that I would be, could be, and proved to be a good Co-owner. Those who I had shared experiences with on Minecraft will never be forgotten and am still in contact with many of those from the past.

What is my job: Because I somewhat touched on the subject of what an administrator does, I will use this space to say that and only that. I believe that the job of an administrator of any server or game is to ensure the overall quality of gameplay for all with fair and justified actions of discipline to those who deserve it. In addition, their job is to also ensure a smooth overall operation of a server by addressing issues such as cheating, hacking, abuse, and unfair and unjustified treatment or punishments made by other staff members, if applicable. Furthermore, administrators manage other staff in a server and ensure that they are performing optimally and ensuring that they are doing their job correctly. As a result, on the second "Grudge of Mine" Minecraft server, I created a Microsoft Work document that I would send to every staff member that described the commands they had access to and their overall duties in their position. With this, I believe my staff members were able to do their job without asking me or another administrator what to do; instead, they have a document at their disposal to view for reference and for overall job understanding. If you desire to view this said document, I have no problem sharing it with you. I'm proud of it and it is very professional and included and area in which staff members had to agree to abide by the rules and regulations of staff members, regardless if they believed the rules were fair or not. If they didn't think they were fair or balanced, then they were not offered a position. I personally believed that they were fair.

Why should you accept me: I personally believe that you should accept me as an administrator of the Blockland server "Boss Battles'" because I have an extensive moderation and administration background that would only benefit those who enjoy the server. With my experience and overall grammatical and punctuation skills, I would be able to communicate effectively and precisely without misunderstanding. In addition, my maturity may be seemingly unsurpassed of that of other candidates and would be able to deliver a professional and mature persona of the server and it's staff; I am not saying that my maturity is unsurpassed of current staff members, however.

I do, however, have a question in regards to the position. If I am accepted as an administrator, are we still allowed to play as usual on the server or do we have to take breaks every now and then to just watch the chat? I was wondering because an administrator was on the server yesterday when I was playing and saw that they didn't seem to take a break every now and then; they just watched the chat as they played and periodically paused during gameplay to deal with any problems that arose.

Thank you!

- Joe

Tophat: Yes. Excellent application though it was a bit of a read. Part of me thinks the backstory wasn't entirely needed, but it does strengthen the application overall in terms of your experience. It isn't required to be super-professional in the server since it's more of a laid back place, but it's refreshing to see someone as such and could act the part if a situation called for it.
Aqua: Yes. I don't like the fact that the experience is from Minecraft. Not that I have anything against Minecraft, but I would prefer having some administration in this community before applying. The rest of the application stands out well, though, so despite the experience problem I have with it, it's still good enough.
Trinko: Yes. Although I don't really understand why you put minecraft servers in your application, I guess it counts towards experience, so that's a start. Your "What is my job" section is decent and I like your acceptance reason. Also you can do what you want in terms of moderation, you can join or leave the minigame whenever you want depending on what you feel would work for you and moderating the server. On a side note, I would love to see you admin here.
Aware: Yes. We do not see many people that use other games as previous experience and I think you did a great job showing your skills and dedication. This application is absolutely amazing and I actually enjoyed reading it. To answer your question: You are free to play the server as usual. Since the server rarely gets over 30 players and most players will be playing most of the time, you do not need to just moderate the chat. You are supposed to deal with situations as they arise but that does not mean you can not enjoy the server while doing so.
Mr. J: Yes. Other than the fact that Minecraft servers were used for your experience rather than Blockland servers and that said experience was quite lengthy, the entire application is well-written, well-structured, and very professional.
Danny Boy: Yes. Not counting the minecraft servers this was a very good application even if a bit too long.
Pecon: Yes. Undoubtedly.

Score: 7, accepted!

Name: The Spy 101

ID: 47071

Experience: I have very few administration experience,but I have confidence that this will help me
-Beninjago Tf2 Server-Admin
-Tezuni's Prison Escape(Kind of)-Regular and a vote kicker.
Even with a very short list,I still have experience on reasonable kicks and bans.

What is my job: My belief of what an admin's job is that they maintain order.Admins are like guardians,maintaining peace while having others and themselves a fun and good time on the server.Admins should always be fair and reasonable but not being too shy to mute,kick,or ban for whatever rule the offender is breaking. Administrators should always take both sides of the case,the offender's and the group that is claiming that the player's offense.New Admins should never be shy to ask advice from the community and older Admins,while keeping common sense on taking the community's advice.
Admins should always know the Rules not by memory,but by heart(If they take their job seriously) Admins should always keep their cool and admit if they did wrong.They should also not be controlled by being other player's pawn.

Why should you accept me: The reason why you should accept me is because I'm confident and I will always strive for the best server community possible,even if I'm hated by fellow players.Despite my very low list of administrator experience,I can and will take care of disputes while keeping both sides of the argument in mind.If I ever get admin,I am not afraid to ask for help from fellow Admins and Super Admins.
My duty as an Admin is for players to have a good time.Some people just want to join and socialize with other players.But unfortunately,there are players whom I like to call "Douche bags" ruin the experience by insulting players and spoiling movies to people who haven't watched them yet. That's where I come into play.Using common sense and extreme reasoning,I will always hand out punishments suited for their offense.
Sometimes,new players join in and have zero idea on what to do.Being polite,I would show them the mechanics of the game,classes,and bosses.I have seen many players discouraged because they never win because more experience players would always beat them.This usually results in rage quits and quitting the server altogether.Instead of doing this,I will first check their Bl_ID to see if they are new or not (I will admit that I've discriminated against higher Bl_Ids)My next plan is to play the easy classes like infiltrator and easy bosses like Kaje 2.0 or Sky Captain. As they play and learn the basics,I will slowly rise my "difficulty level" until they can't win.
My way of punishing is very simple.At first,I will simply mute the player for as long as suited.If things get out of hand or is evading the mute,I will ramp it up to a kick.If the offender keeps on breaking the rules,then I will have to be forced to bring out the Ban Hammer.This usually only happens if players are insulting way too much (Like call donators slaves of Pecon) or is simply causing a flame war in the server.However,albeit rarely,I will be salty every now and then.Even Admins can have bad days,so I may be a bit cranky and not think of my punishments.If I realize I am doing wrong,I will undo (If possible) my punishments and leave the game for a while to open my mind.
In conclusion,the reason why you guys or gals should accept me is because I am confident of my skills,even if I have low administration experience.
-The Spy 101

Tophat: No. Application does not seem very strong at its core, fair amount of errors in it but after reading this you seem to have control and realize when you could be doing harm. Looks to be a bit padded and a little misguided since admins don't need to brand the rules into themselves, able to reference them at any moment. If the application were cleaned up overall and cut things that aren't helping to benefit you, I believe this would be a much greater application.
Trinko: Nope. Calling people "Douche bags" as bad people in your acceptance reason is literally on par with insulting people and ruining their experience because they want to have fun too, even if they don't do it socially "correct" so I do not exactly agree on that part. I do like how you admitted that you have discriminated against newer IDs but it isn't exactly needed in the application, but I guess it shows that you're willing to admit to mistakes so that's definitely something. And besides that, we don't need your battle strategies in the server that you use, we want to see why and how you would help said player. We also don't want to see in your application how you punish people because we expect this from you to know how to deal with the players who are out of hand. So in conclusion, my final say is no because you put a ton of unnecessary crap in this. This also includes the stupid signature at the bottom of your application, please don't do that if you decide to reapply, it is very annoying.
Aqua: No. You can explain how you can handle some situations, but you don't really need to explain how you would handle every situation, and explain every step of it. Everything feels too long-winded.
Aware: No. Being a regular is not really experience. The spacing (or lack of) and random capitalization makes your application fairly annoying to read. Your reason to accept you section is way to specific and it seems like you did this to make it longer. We look for quality not quantity.
Mr. J: No. You admitted to having a lack of experience, and this application was hard to read along with the fact that most of it seemed like fluff that was thrown in to make it longer and more sophisticated. As Aware stated, quality over quantity.
Danny Boy: No. Being a regular vote kicker is not experience and other sections of the application are low quality.
Trifornt: No. Despite the huge wall of text you had your application can be summed up very easily. "I like the game and I want to ban the meanies." You literally listed people calling you a "douche bag" as one of the reasons we should accept you. That and the lack of experience is a bit crippling. I like you as a player but honestly I just don't think you'd be that great.
Pecon: No. Your lack of spacing after commas aggravates me.

Score: -8, denied

Name: Swollow

ID: 6531

Experience: Both blockland discord servers
I was the main manager of the Blockland Wiki before it died out and no one used it anymore
These Servers can't remember the rest:
Jam Jar

What is my job: An admins job is to ensure a server/game is a positive enjoyable experience for the users who want to participate. Admins will correct negative and unconstructive behavior by coming to a resolution with the problem. In most cases the problem can be absolved with a resolution, however if a user is consistently breaking rules and causing issues for other participants they will have to be muted/kicked/banned depending on the severity of their havok.

Why should you accept me: I have been administrating games and servers for at very least the past 5 years. I have a 100% clean reputation in administrating. I have never been drama'd for anything serious. I personally make it my goal to make other people enjoy a game or server by providing as much positivity in attitude, and gameplay. I wish to improve the boss battles experience for all of its users and also would like to offer my coding and or modelling experience to improve the server and gameplay as needed.

Tophat: Yes. I've seen Swollow around a decent bit and is always fair in being an admin. Application gets to the important points and hits the nail on the head swiftly. I know a small amount of the hosts but they are exceptional to have in this list.
Trinko: Yes. I have seen you administrating on Visolator's and I would say you are very fit for the job.
Aware: Yes. From what I have seen you seem like a very responsible person. Your experience section is very impressive. A very solid application that does not seem to draw itself out.
Mr. J: Yes. This application is a perfect example of quality over quantity. The list of experience is an impressive one, and the rest is well-structured and gets to the important points with no extra fluff. It also helps that my colleagues have vouched for your integrity and sense of responsibility.
Danny Boy: Yes. Very strong and convincing application.
Pecon: Yes.

Score: 6, accepted!

Name: Pixelz

ID: 33430

Experience: I myself have hosted many servers such as falling tiles, endless zombies, and and island fort wars. I have also been on the administration team of a few free builds as well but sadly it never went past that. I will honestly admit that it has been a wile since my last host and/or administration. But i have had some overall good experience.

What is my job: An admins job is to moderate the server and protect it from players who intend to do harm to the server or its players using chat abuse or harming the server directly. An admins job is to protect the server by giving out reasonable and fair punishments for the actions of said player(s). Admins are to help keep the server friendly and with as little hostility as possible. Admins should also be an example of what is required as an admin for those who wish to apply for administration.

Why should you accept me: You should accept me not because I think that I'm better than any other player, but because I feel as though I can handle situations on the server with other players in a calm and rational way, by giving fair, respectable punishments. I am a player desiring to help make the server grow. Not a player that desires power. But if I do not live up to my word, and what is required of me, if I screw up, I promise I will work very hard to fix it and make it better. To administrate on the Boss Battle's server would be an honer, and it would my privilege to work for such and amazing administration team.

Tophat: No. On the verge of yes, however with the sum of errors, the overall stiffness of the application, those reasons shoot it down but not by much. Doesn't repeat itself which can't be said for other applications and the mindset is good. I would likely say yes if this were a bit more tidy.
Trinko: Nope. I don't see much experience, and you tend to overuse "protect" which sends my boat farther than whatever land you live in.
Aware: No. Experience section is lacking in experience. The reason to accept you section seems pretty weak.
Mr. J: No. Perhaps with a little more experience and tidying up in the application with its errors and generic reasons for acceptance, you could consider reapplying in the future.
Danny Boy: No. "What is my job" section needs work.

Score: -5, denied

Name: Jeetlor

ID: 24924

Experience: Admined on many servers in the past. Including:
Jeetlor's Hide and Seek/Grapple Sniper TDM (Host)
Agent Red's Deathrun (Admin)
Nightstorms Parkour (Super Admin)
Basil's Hide and Seek (Admin)
Tezuni's Prison Escape (Moderator)
PaperDemons Skate Park (Co-Host)
Mr. Tee's Zombies (Super Admin)
Mr. X's Servers (Super Admin)
And more from past years.

What is my job: I believe an Admin means someone that the host can trust more than just anyone and can put his faith into at any time he needs it. Someone who has served commitment to the server and to the host, someone who is worthy of his position because of his justice. Someone who is able to keep the fun in a server alive for everyone. Someone who isn't afraid to admit his mistakes when he makes them. Someone who is able to make sure rules are being followed, but making sure he/she is not ABOVE the rules. They can also act as a role model to anyone on that server, so if another person would want to achieve a title like admin, they would look up to that person and do his acts of justice. You see, an admins job may be many things, but when you look deeper, an admins job really comes down to this: Keeping the server in one piece.

Why should you accept me: I know you will like my administration qualities and benefits that I will serve for both you and you're server. I will be an admin that can serve justice and equality to everyone who is on the server. I will be a rolemodel and a deliverer, while keeping the fun alive for everyone, but not be afraid to make heavy decisions when I need to. I want to be apart of the team that of people who commit their time, dedication, and effort just to help keep the server alive.

Tophat: No. Application is good but a decent bit of the experience doesn't sit well with me.
Trinko: Nope. Reason of acceptance is pretty bland, and wtf is with the "comes down to this" crap in your "What is my job" section of your application?
Aware: No. After some background digging I do not believe you are qualified to become admin. Your what is my job section sounds like someone is praising a cheesy super hero.
Mr. J: No. What turns me off from this application is the superhero-like tone of the second section and the reasons for acceptance.
Aqua: No. You seem to just copy whatever you said in the job part, and say you'll do it in the acceptance part.
Danny Boy: No

Score: -6, denied

Congratulations to General R, Swollow and JoeW for becoming the new admins!
Omnicidal Maniac
BLID: 48980
March 10, 2016 14:50:09
I tried. Looks like I'm going to need to change myself, a lot.
BLID: 31596
March 10, 2016 16:45:35
That sounded a lot better in my head than how it came out

Aaanyways, grats those who made it
Metallic Fire
BLID: 33688
March 10, 2016 16:47:42
Man, these reviews are boring without Jetz. :(
General R
BLID: 16882
March 10, 2016 17:23:13
Glad to finally be a part of this admin team! Looking forward to helping out and contributing my time to the server. I won't let any of you down!
BLID: 164884
March 11, 2016 11:35:50
Congrats General R! I have officially given up my admin application because I have little prior admin experience, therefore I won't be able to become an admin. :(

Quote from: : Redconer
Man, there reviews are boring without Jetz.:(

The truth is real
Marathon Runner
BLID: 93191
March 11, 2016 21:04:10
What a ride, grats to Swollow, General, and Joe!
BLID: 46795
April 9, 2016 9:56:56
I appreciate I got as far as I did with my score. Thanks for the opportunity! I need to improve my attitude a bit in-game; I feel I act a lot different in real life than I do as a positive person in the community. As for grammar, I think it was because I did not treat this professionally enough. In my Language Arts class, I have one of the highest grades out of all the students in my class. My teacher notes me as being an excellent writer, and I've put a lot of effort into my essays and presentations of the past. Hopefully if this community is still doing well, I might make an application again sometime in the future. I think that if I type it up as I would one of my Language Arts projects, the overall quality of the application would be better. I don't want to lie with a persuasive application though; I'm going to try and get more experience. Thanks for everything!
master cheif from halo
BLID: 139514
June 11, 2016 2:29:59

Quote from: General R
Glad to finally be a part of this admin team! Looking forward to helping out and contributing my time to the server. I won't let any of you down!

Likewise, General R. I'm more than happy to be able to work with you and the others.

Thank you all for the congratulatory remarks. I appreciate it!!
BLID: 164884
June 11, 2016 9:37:42
Where can I look to gain some admin experience before putting in another application?

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