Showing thread: Leveling System
BLID: 38425
April 2, 2016 15:01:50
Recently, an idea has been sprouting in my head. What if there was a type of leveling system in Boss Battles? Allow me to explain.

The system would involve Experience Points, which could be earned through the amount of damage dealt or if you win a round. Now, experience points would give you Boss Coins, Points, and other rewards like small cosmetics once the bar fills up. Your level would also display next to your name.

Because this idea came to me recently, and because of this it is not the best idea, I believe anyone with ideas to add on to this should leave a post. Thanks!
BLID: 164884
April 4, 2016 10:52:20
I think this is a great idea.
It might help balance out the system for newer people, like having it more difficult to level up at higher levels, so the "noobs" can get more items quicker.
A leveling system would most likely create a better reason to play this game, as it can get repetitive at times, making it boring. A leveling system would probably make some players try to push for the higher levels, even create more popularity for the server.

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