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July 7, 2016 15:11:43
Have any of you wanted to aim your sentry gun manually, but you can't seem to land a shot on the boss? Ever wanted a crosshair for your sentry gun? Well I have a simple solution! Type this into the console for instant results, do note that the color and font 's will have spaces when pasted into the console, so you will have to fix it manually. It is also recommended with Escape Overlay.

clientcmdcenterprint("< color:e7e7e7 >< font:impact:23 > "NL" "NL" "NL" "NL"+");

I will now list pros and cons (that I have found so far)

Decent accuracy in firing
Looks good
No download required

Other centerprints overwrite the crosshair (I.E, Capture point text)
When crosshair is overwritten, you would have to apply it again
master cheif from halo
BLID: 139514
July 7, 2016 15:22:25
I asked on how to remove this crosshair once added to your screen, and to remove it, simply type in console (accessible by pressing the ~ key):


I do sometimes find it hard to aim with the Sentry due to the lack of a crosshair.

Thanks for that, Sevi!

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