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having to make a new acc is kind of aids
dont vore cacti
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Admin application review session - August 14 2019th
I still do not understand how you can vote "No" and recommend the person at the same time.
Admin application review session - August 14 2019th
Name: The_Guardian
ID: 38452

Experience: I have not encountered many bad administrators, but some are pretty rude.

What is my job: I believe that an admin should make sure that the server should be running smoothly and that other players are having a good time. I want to be able to help you guys with the server, I want to prove myself trustworthy, I do NOT want to beg for admin, but I would like to ask if you could consider it.

Why should you accept me: I am very trustworthy, I play on Boss Battles server almost every day. Boss Battles is my FAVORITE server and I want to help it become even more loved. I am not just saying things that sound like "I'm a good person", I really do love Boss Battles. I don't even play Minecraft because I like Block Land more. I promise to stay true and be trustworthy and will everything possible to help you guys, and Boss Battles, to become even more loved.

Timezone: eastern
Date: Nov 03, 2016

Pecon: No. Your response to the experience question does not actually address your experience with... anything.

Redconer: No. Experience is what servers you've administrated before, not your encounters with other admins in a server. Your reasoning is just telling us that you're trustworthy- so what other reasons do you have to offer?

Trinko: No, just from your experience section I can tell you’re not qualified to do this job. I don’t even need to read the rest of it.

WaterOre: No. Echoing Redconer's statement, how can we know that you're trustworthy if you don't have anything to show for it?

Swol: No.

Tophat: No.

GenR: No.

Ranma: No. Everyone already hit off on no experience but I think it should also be mentioned that playing the server a lot doesn't justify an administrative position, nor does playing Blockland over Minecraft. It made me laugh that you would even bother to include something like that in an application.

Tincan: No. I don't think you play the game any more for one, and for two this was written in about two seconds.

Aware: No

Neptune: No , does not show any experience as the question is asking, other admins being rude is irrelevant to the question, telling you stopped playing minecraft is also irrelevant.

Danny Boy: No.


Name: Sky Captain
ID: 5725

Experience: Hosting my old death race TDM server: (“Old nameâ€Âs DeathRace TDM).
Helping WALDO and OWL run their servers (old Challenge Course server). Hosting my own challenge course: Obstacle Course/Challenge Course; Working with Rose the Floran.
Helping as admin on Jack Noir's server, and Incinerator's old zombies server.
REG for Tezuni.

What is my job: I believe that an administrator’s job it to help to insure the server runs as smoothly and fun as possible, and as it should for the benefit of the players as well as the administration of the server. An administrator is reliable to the host and is willing to assist in ridding of any problems. Each one should also be obliged to bring a positive, expansive attitude to the server in order to optimize the fun that the server has to offer. I also believe an administrator who stands out among others is the one creative in the mind and proposes new ideas.

Why should you accept me: I'm your Sky Captain, I come from the world of tomorrow :) I'm an old Blocklander with experience. WALDO and Rose and anyone I've ever been admin for like Dragonoid would say I'm easy to get along with and offer brilliant ideas and support. I do know Rose specifically would advocate for me. For the past couple years I’ve hoped I could do something more for the server, because even though I have donated before, I desire to help more than to just donate money by fulfilling the role of a good administrator. I am willing to do what it takes.

Timezone: eastern
Date: Nov 24, 2016

> (Note: The "’" seen in this is some sort of encoding error that occurred when they used a unicode apostrophe of some sort)
Pecon: No. While you do seem to have experience, you don't really provide any particularly compelling reason as to why you would be an especially good administrator for us to have.

Redconer: No. Your experience and description of the job is nice, but reasoning isn't strong on this one. Offering ideas isn't a requirement either. I would recommend reapplying in the future. Also- damn- you broke something in the app.

Swol: No

Tophat: No. It's alright.

GenR: No. Great experience, not so great "why you should accept me".

Ranma: No. I really think you need to close the thesaurus because I can tell half of the shit written here was you trying to pick out words that sounded smart. What the fuck does "optimize the fun" mean? What is an "expansive attitude"? I'm not seeing much of the creativity you preached about earlier that could make you stand out and what is there makes me shrink back into my chair. Also, most of your server experience looks like it stems from long dead servers (correct me if I'm wrong, I don't open the server list for Blockland often anymore) aside from Rose the Floran's server, and to be completely honest, I don't think her server is the shining example of administration. They do less administrating and more fucking around with eval commands and going schizophrenia mode whenever someone starts messing with them. All in all, pretty bad application all around without calling to attention the things I personally hate, but that wouldn't be fair to bring up so I won't.

Tincan: No. Sky Captain is lame any way. Also I've been on Rose's servers and admins there generally goof off. Sure, oddballs like myself may still run around on Boss Battles as admins, but it's not like we haven't also been administrating for years already.

Aware: No

Trinko: No. A lot of you people use “enforcing everyones fun” in your application as if everyone's a fucking mechanoid atrocity that need to be herded like sheep, it's one of those buzzwords that bring points down on your chance of acceptance. Also the “why should you accept me” portion is extremely bland and needs either a complete do-over, or tons of refining, preferably the latter.

WaterOre: No.

Neptune: No , I could go further in on why but Ranma pretty much explains why I say no, some of the previous people you have been an admin for also have a sketchy background and some of the are known to be straight up badmins, specially people from Tezuni's servers.

Danny Boy: No


Name: Artyomovich
ID: 23944

Experience: I have some administration experience. I was an admin on CarbonZephyr's Freebuild server a few years ago, the duties of which involved regulating brick, chat, event, and projectile spam, and helping out new players with building, and eventing. I gained an administrator position on a Prison Escape server a few months later, the owner of which I can not recall, and entailed resurrecting prisoners victim to "free-killing," persecuting guards and prisoners who had violated the rules, abused exploits, or generally made the game a negative experience for other players, and helping out new players get use to the environment and terminology. I am currently a moderator on Crown and Niblic's Jailbreak server. I came into the moderation role quite recently (11/06/16), but have helped players understand the rules and terminology, corrected the behaviors of guards that had violated the rules either through warning, muting, banning, or "slaying."

What is my job: It is an admin's duty to make the server more enjoyable for all players, and in order to do so, an admin must be able to enforce the rules of the server, answer any questions a player may have about key server functions, fix or report any bugs, glitches, or exploits that may arise in the server, clarify any misunderstandings in a server, whether they be misinterpretations of the rules or a conflict between players, and prevent spam in the forms of events, chats, et cetera.

Why should you accept me: You should accept me because I believe I can maintain an enjoyable server for any and all players. I would like the opportunity to hone my administrating abilities further through the Boss Battles server, and help maintain an orderly environment. As an admin I will do my best to help improve a player's experience during his/her time on Boss Battles, and use the appropriate steps in dealing with infractions that may arise. I believe my time in an administrator position on Boss Battles will make a positive impact on the server because I have enjoyed Boss Battles for a long while, and will use my experiences to assist me in making decisions that will effect the community, the playerbase, and my fellow admins.

Timezone: central
Date: Nov 07, 2016

Redconer: No. Pretty generic responses. Also this guy' longer with Crown's Jailbreak staff.

Swol: No.

GenR: No. Experience was rather weak, and the "why we should accept you" portion seems like a generic response anyone could write.

Ranma: No. It's unfortunate that you had to scrape the bottom of the barrel for literally anything that could be called administrative experience that you don't even remember the name of the person hosting one of these servers, and like Redconer mentioned you're no longer a moderator on Crown's Jailbreak (which is funny to me because you either have to be really fucking dumb/not active or intentionally step down to lose your position there). Those two servers aside the only other experience you have is... a freebuild... As the others have said, your reasoning to accept you is also pretty generic. I would like to know what you would consider "appropriate steps in dealing with infractions" because that statement is rather vague. I don't really think there's much else to talk about here, maybe go be admin at more places than a freebuild and a long dead prison escape server and try again (that is if you even play anymore considering the age of this app).

Tophat: No.

Tincan: No.

Aware: No

Trinko: No. Your experience section is extremely lacking in terms of anything that actually looks credible aside from Jailbreak which apparently you aren’t even mod/admin there anymore anyways. Your “what is my job” section is pretty solid though aside from buzzwords and bunch of very obvious things such as fixing exploits and bugs if possible and preventing spam but thats okay. It also isn’t entirely an admins job to clarify misunderstandings, as thats something a regular player can do without admin. Your “why should you accept me” section is also pretty solid aside from the huge bunches of repetition everywhere which you should reduce drastically in order to make it a more enjoyable read and give better chances of acceptance. I recommend you go back to the drawing board and re-apply later on. You had a few good parts and you should tune up on them more.

WaterOre: No.

Neptune: No, even though you had a decent app, like others said your replies are pretty generic, but aside from that you repeated yourself multiple times, in the experience field some of the responses are too vague and I'm not sure if I can believe it, like Redconer said you got de-admined and we don't really know why.

Danny Boy: No.


Name: Grimvale
ID: 174114

Experience: I have been admin on many servers and I believe that me being an admin would be great as I say that everyone deserves a second chance but... when you fuck up, you fucked up.

What is my job: I believe an admin's job is to enforce the rules. I'm kidding, many think this is what it is but its way more important, admins are called upon to bring order to servers and give the act of justice a thrust into the hearts of server-goers. (Also to spread fun times)

Why should you accept me: Because I believe I would make the community more friendly by asking people to be nice along the way, I also mostly believe that noone should be hacked or scammed or any of the sort. I wish to prevent and stop these things. Furthermore I would love to be an admin on your server. (Donated $12)

Timezone: northAmer
Date: Nov 26, 2016

Pecon: No. No specific examples of experience given. Being a donor has no net positive on admin applications.

Aqua: No. Donating $12 shouldn't be a thing you even consider putting in your application.

Redconer: No. I've seen you act in other servers, and you are definitely not admin material.

WaterOre: No. If you've been admin on many servers, it helps to name at least one of them in your application.

Swol: No.

Tophat: No

GenR: No. Gather more experience first.

Ranma: No. However, if you give me $200 at my paypal I might change my mind ;).

Tincan: No. I donated $12 as well and also paid for a dedicated server. That doesn't really mean shit for my administration skills. Our community is already pretty friendly as-is, just make sure you don't sit next to Tophat and offer him a beer.

Aware: No. Should probably enforce the rules as an admin.

Trinko: No? This whole thing looks like a joke. First of all because for some reason we absolutely need to make this perfectly clear, your donator status does not contribute to your chances of acceptance, that makes you sound like some entitled asshole who seems to think they can subdue the host into bribery by giving money. Second of all, your experience section is extremely vague and unconvincing. Why would you tell us you’ve fucked up without telling us elaboratively what it is you did? Why would you tell us you fucked up to begin with? Even if you didn’t tell us the truth, it would eventually be found out and that's not something that can be denied. Your “what is my job” section tells half-truths about what an administrator is and seems to imply humor when applications are not entirely meant to be humorous. You are applying for a position of power, do you want us to not think you’re serious about it? Your “why should you accept me” section is also extremely vague as to not tell us exactly what your intentions are which makes you sound even fishier by the moment. You don’t really see people scamming on boss battles anyways so why mention it? This isn’t steam or some multi-platform gaming website that you’re applying for, or have you forgotten that already?

Neptune: No, you need more experience or need to actually describe your experience instead of just saying that "Some people believe you would be a great admin", another big no is the fact you specifically mentioned donating, donating while helpful is completely irrelevant in the application, and makes it sound like you believe donating gives you higher odds of being accepted.

Danny Boy: No.


Name: SoulZomber
ID: 49619

Experience: Used to be admin in city RPG.
Used to be admin in RPG camp.

What is my job: I Believe the admin's job is too make sure everyone is playing this game fairly and having fun. Admin's cant do whatever they want. They will not disrespect everyone. They are not allowed to edit any maps. They must be nice to everyone.

Why should you accept me:

Timezone: eastern
Date: Dec 06, 2016

Pecon: No. This isn't even filled out all the way?

Redconer: No. I like how you mentioned how you USED to be an admin on a City and Camp RPG. Go to jail. Do not pass go. Do not collect $200.

WaterOre: No. The "Why should you accept me" section speaks for itself.

Swol: No

Tophat: No

GenR: NO.

Ranma: No. Oops, forgot to write a reason why. Deja vu I guess.

Tincan: No. You pretty much just state what admins can do, and I'm pretty sure the two last ones are complete lies.

Aware: No

Trinko: No, but thanks for the good laugh.

Neptune: No, no specifications in your previous experience, and you just said what admins do.

Danny Boy: No


Name: TheBlueSpy
ID: 193742

Experience: One of my previous administration experiences was involved on Nail's old jailbreak. A Person had begun freekilling every prisoner I gave him a warning which he ignored, which I then banned him for 10 minutes. He came back and continued his actions which landed him a 24 hour ban. Which finally stopped his disobeying of server rules. I have held down the same server as a solo admin which convinced Nail's to promote me to SA. (my BL_ID may not support this but this is a new account replacing my old one with the same name)

What is my job: An admins job is to make sure server rules are followed. They need to enforce punishment when said rules are not followed. They need to help with building and or server maintenance. If anyone has a question about the server they should help answer the question. When someone is confused about a rule (i.e. Saying someone is breaking a rule when they actually aren't) they must inform them what the rule actually is and what it means and what counts as breaking it.

Why should you accept me: I will help improve the server in anyway I can, make it a better environment for players to enjoy the server itself and so they have fun. I have decent admin experience and know what to do with rule breakers and how to respond to different scenarios. I have read the server rules and know what is allowed and not allowed. Last but not least I have not broken a single rule on this server, obeyed all admin requests and I have been kind and helping to people with questions about the server or needing help knowing what to do.

Timezone: central
Date: Dec 11, 2016

Pecon: No. Nothing particularly wrong with your application, but it is weak and unconvincing.

Redconer: No. You're getting there, but not quite. Try reapplying in the future.

WaterOre: No. Strengthen your ideals, refine your application, and please come back for another shot at it.

Swol: No.

GenR: No. I think if you put enough detail and thought into this, you have a real shot at getting accepted.

Tophat: No.

Ranma: No. You should have more experience than just one server (or, at the very least, talk about more than one experience you had on said server). Your description of an admin's job is decent but admins aren't really required to build anything and when they do it's more comparable to graffiti on the side of a building anyways. At least you read the rules.

Tincan: No. Do you still play Blockland any more?

Aware: No

Trinko: No. Cool story in your experience section, but we aren’t interested in you lecturing us about your life in another server, we want to know if you have any credible experience administrating or people who recommend you. In your “what is my job” section, your first sentence is correct but your second one feels extreme and volatile. We do punish people when rules are not followed but not with absolute earnest or haste due to having grudges against people. This is to be expected of you. Everything else in that section is basically just a bunch of no shit-tier nonsense that is to be expected of you when you are administrating here (or anywhere for that matter.) Your “why should you accept me” section is full of no shit-tier stuff again but I like how you seem that mentioning you haven’t broken any rules of the server would get you the key to heaven’s gate. As a person who used to comically be an ass to anyone at every single instance of someone ending my little lego man’s heart points, I was able to later come to my senses and realize I fucked up quite a lot and fixed my shit and then people recommended me to make an application, so why is it so different for someone with a slate thats completely clean? It feels extremely unwholesome because everyone has a chance at this, regardless of their previous offenses which also means they have an equal chance of being accepted as you but I can understand where you come from and commend you on such a feat. Good work, citizen!

Neptune: No , but you have a good start, the big problem is you basically only say you have experience in ONE server, I don't think the specific "events" you have dealt with are relevant here but the question was "Previous Experience", anyways like I said you either lack experience or did not choose to add it in the response.

Danny Boy: No.


Name: masterchief00099
ID: 206260

Experience: I have been Admin for about a couple of times on the server's my friends made. I'm currently Admin of Deceased Box's Free Billed. Me and him go back a while.

What is my job: The Admins job is to protect/enforce the in-game rules. UNLESS necessary! The Admin shouldn't ban/kick people for no reason. The Admin may enforce his Adamancy IF the Host or another Admin is on. The Admin can/will kick/ban people who're rude, hackers, etc.

Why should you accept me: To be honest I want to play B.B.S. but on the other hand, I fell it's in-fair to some people whether they're the Boss, or a Normal. I want to be Admin because 1. I want to see the Admin secret rooms/platforms. You guys have out done yourselves with the game, sure a few errors but nothing too bad :D. Anyways 2. Maybe I can share some ideas. More people who can give ideas can make the game better (obviously by vote 2/3 or more like our Gov. {possibly}) I want to watch people fight like in Ancient Rome, the Roman Coliseum. I really hope you can Administrate me, good day, good evening, and good night! (

Timezone: eastern
Date: May 11, 2017

Pecon: No. Work on your writing skills, a lot of what you write is confusing and sometimes even contradictory.

Aqua: No.

Redconer: No. You're basically asking for admin solely to explore admin areas and POSSIBLY share ideas? Pecon, did something break when these apps were processed?

Swol: No.

Tophat: No.

GenR: No. Secret rooms are secret.

Ranma: No. I want to know more about enforcing adamancy and gladiator battles, though.

Tincan: No. Again, pretty sure this guy does not play Blockland any more.

Aware: No

Trinko: No, absolutely not. Firstly, your experience section is extremely lacking and Deceased Box (aka Lord E, and a few other aliases) isn’t always a very credible administrator. Secondly, your job as an administrator is not to selectively enforce “””unless necessary”””, you enforce the rules, all of them, to a T. Thats where bias comes from. “Admins shouldn’t ban/kick for no reason” another no shit-tier phrase I see a lot in applications and did you really not think we didn’t expect this from you or anyone else who was applying? For that matter, your whole “what is my job” section is no shit-tier, and is a given for anyone who applies or is already admin and doesn’t tell us anything extraordinary. Thirdly, you somehow turned your “why should you accept me” section into a “why shouldn’t you accept me” section. Literally anyone can turn up and give ideas, see admin secret rooms/platforms, and rather unsurprisingly, look at the players as if they were fucking minuscule ants as, you guessed it, a REGULAR PLAYER! TL;DR: your application looks more like a resignation due to how many negatives and buzzwords it has, it's really rather astounding on that part.

WaterOre: No. All of your requested powers are available to anyone with a spacebar, a sense of building, and a chatbox. Beyond that, you don't have much experience, nor do you have a proper sense of how to administrate.

Neptune: No, how about you actually write the NAMES of people you have worked for next time? Saying you where an admins at your friends servers means squat until you can proove it, aside from that it's not credible experience since your friends could easily have just given you admin because you asked for it, also did you really just say Admins should NOT enforce the rules if it's not necessary? Admins should not turn a blind eye like that, rules are rules, one could imply by the way you wrote this that you would turn a blind eye on a friend if he breaks a rule and you feel it's not necessary to enforce for whatever reason, the reasons for being accepted are also lackluster, but others already explained why.

Danny Boy: No.


Name: Redcat628
ID: 218186

Experience: Crown's server: Guards

What is my job: -Kick/Ban a unreadable rule guy.
-Watching a game
-Looking at the chat
& Enjoying Chatting with others!

Why should you accept me: Because I never been doing a job about being admin before!

Timezone: eastern
Date: Jul 04, 2017

Pecon: No. Insufficient experience.

Redconer: No. Applying for admin with that is AR.

WaterOre: No. I appreciate your enthusiasm.

Swol: No.

GenR: No. so close yet so far.

Tophat: No. Haha. Ha-ha-ha.

Ranma: Yes! Being a guard on Crown's Jailbreak is the peak of administrative experience, these other goons don't know what they're talking about.

Tincan: No. But were you a good Warden at least? That's what matters.

Aware: No

Trinko: No.

Neptune: No, not enough experience, you were a guard at Crowns but that doesn't compare to actual administrating experience, I honestly thought this was a joke app at first.

Danny Boy: No.


Name: Mathify
ID: 211828

Experience: In: BANANA_MANS City, I had a good experience as an admin, There was one dude by the name of "Nine Tails Fox" breaking the rules, And that was "no using weapons" But kept using them anyway. So we kicked him.

What is my job: To make sure a server is safe, And fun for others.

Why should you accept me: Because I think I could make the server more peaceful, Safe, And fun for others.

Timezone: central
Date: Sep 21, 2018

Pecon: No. You answered two sections with essentially the same single sentence. (For the record, I do NOT hunt down redconer with a shining laser)

Redconer: No. Your experience and job description are repeats. All admins are expected to keep the server safe (unless you're Pecon, who decides to hunt you down with a Shining Laser).

WaterOre: No. Anyone can say that they can fill the book definition of an admin; what evidence do you have that you'll be able to put more effort into it?

Swol: No.

GenR: No. Last 2 sections too generic.

Tophat: No.

Ranma: No. While keeping the peace is a great issue on this videogame server and we've lost many to the wars and conflicts that have broken out (rest in peace Mittens) on this dangerous and unsafe videogame, I don't think you have what it takes to save us from ourselves.

Tincan: Your admin application reads off like everyone prior's. I'm also pretty sure you no longer play the game.

Aware: No

Trinko: No, another joke-tier application. Please put more effort into it next time around. BACK TO THE DRAWING BOARD WITH YOUUUU!

Neptune: I don't get how you're making a virtual game safe by banning people, a game can't hurt people, anyways unfortunately another lack of experience app, 1 server I feel is not enough.

Danny Boy: No.


Name: Legoman244
ID: 24810

Experience: Blendi!, Razorback, 3 Admin Server 3, Blocky 123, Morningstar. I was a super admin on all and I gained the trust of each of these Blocklanders and proved to be an effective Admin, and in some cases, Co-Host. unfortunately, all but one of these Blocklanders are from pre-v21, and no longer play.

What is my job: An admin's job is to be consistent and fair and not take shit from anyone. They are supposed to be a person of power, but not an abuser of power. It is their job to not only take on the role of keeper of the server, but also leader of the server, making sure every one is doing what they are supposed to be doing, and doing it correctly. It is also their job to listen to the patrons of the server, as they have taken on the responsibility of caretaker.

Why should you accept me: Firstly, I have held positions of authority in real life, being responsible for more than 150 people administratively, I have dealt punishments, awarded commendations, and promoted people for their merit. On top of that, I have been a Blocklander for almost a decade, and find that I know more of the ins and outs of Blockland than most of the current players, and with that I have seen what goes on in Blockland today. I'm not a piece of shit, and people like me, and I find that part of being a good admin (Leader, as described before) is being liked: one tends to find it difficult to willingly do what others want them when the person giving orders is a piece of work, and this is also important because if a server has bad admins, the server will not be visited, as the admins will give a bad name to the server, and scare people off. I have been on servers where the admins are bad, and the server had a good concept, and a good execution, the only thing that made me leave was the admin abusing his power and being a shitty person to the people who chose to play on his server.

Timezone: eastern
Date: Nov 08, 2018

Pecon: No. Your description of what an admin does would be more applicable to a store manager than anything game server related.

Aqua: No. It's good to know you're not a piece of shit, but I need a bit more than "I won't do bad things".

Redconer: No. AutoModerator is hated by many, but it still pulls through. More reasoning is required.

Swol: No.

GenR: No. Good ideas but no backup.

Tophat: No. Pro tip for the future, try not to start things off with "I'm not a piece of shit". Instead, try to suggest otherwise. Stating that outright will likely backfire on you.

Ranma: No. "Positions of authority" in real life are meaningless here unless if you're willing to go into depth of what that actually entailed and provide some sort of proof (which probably isn't worth doxxing yourself for the sake of a Blockland server). I'd also like to know what sort of servers the people you mentioned hosted, maybe you could discuss what sort of adminstrating experience you did on those servers.

Tincan: No.

Aware: No.

Trinko: No, I do remember Blendi! though, it's cool to see his name come around. Your “what is my job” section was smooth sailing until the third sentence and onward. What exactly is everyone “suppose to be doing” and how are they suppose to “do it correctly?” This sentence is very vague and can mean a great many things, a lot more elaboration on it is required. I’m going to assume “patron” means donor which I will remind you that donators are just regular players just as everyone else is regardless of whether they’ve donated or not and that their opinions do NOT supersede the opinions of everyone else. Your “why should you accept me” section is kinda weird. What the fuck did you do in real life? Were you a teacher or something? Either way I don’t see why that alone is a reason to accept you if we don’t even know what that kind of job was or entailed. I guess I also have to remind you that we don’t care how long you’ve played or if you’re “a piece of shit,” or if people like you because that doesn’t elevate your acceptance chances. The whole sentence of “being liked” is incorrect because not everyone will be satisfied with your actions and you can’t just be “liked by everyone” to administrate a server. The last few sentences is nothing but a “cool story bro” kinda sentence that shouldn’t be there. Conclusion: while you emphasize on being “likeable” that does not grant you admin status and you should not use that kinda shit in your application. You know how you said bad admins steer away players? The entire ephasis of you “not being a piece of shit” and “being likeable gets me keys to high places” shit steers me away from your application. I recommend a lot of refining and less talk about how great you are as a popular person.

WaterOre: No. You might be popular, but why should we care?

Neptune: No , you had a somewhat decent list of experience but being popular doesn't mean squat, and saying the people you listed no longer play is basically a cop-out, how are we supposed to know that you didn't lie about all that if we can't contact the people you worked for?

Danny Boy: No.


Name: Michael-mcJazzer
ID: 190556

Experience: ---Blockland: Still administrating---
Fart Garfunkel's BL server (Super Admin)
Smore's Drunken Bar Fight (Super Admin)
---Garry's Mod: Server shut down---
Tristan's Sandbox Server (Admin)
MayDay DarkRP (Super Admin)

What is my job: An admin's job in any good and functioning server is to regulate the everyday player that joins the server to have fun. The Admin makes sure all the players follow the rules, and if they don't the admins will deal with the offender to keep the rule following populus happy. It does not matter if they're a moderator, admin, or super admin they all have the same duties, responsibilities, and commitments. PIn

Why should you accept me: ---Reason 1: Experience in hectic server catagories---
I've administered Smore's drunken bar fight (essentially just a DM with weapons scattered out) and MayDay DarkRP, a server in a gamemode with usual problems and situations to solve, believe me there were a few situations that I was able to make it through.
---Reason 2: 3 servers as a super admin, and still holding up 2 gigs!---
That's right, Unlike MayDayRP that shut down to a crappy StarWars RP server I still have 2 super admin roles in 2 blockland servers, meaning I know the BLG and RTB admin menus relatively well.
---Reason 3: The BL_ID Plays tricks on you!---
190556? this kid is practically a piece of shit noobie! WRONG! Ive been playing Blockland way longer than when I bought the steam edition. Want Proof? Remember when Tezuni's prison escape was on and has a tank with a working tank cannon on top in the yard? Or how about that one CTP he did on the winter map? I remember it baby!
---Reason 4: Long experience with Blockland---
Like I said in Reason 3, I bought the game from the website before I got it for steam. With all this time since I downloaded the demo of the game back in about... uh... 2012, Ive loved the game and perfected my craft of building and communitizing.
---Reason 5: Listens to all complaints and can look into the problem.---
Sure someone might seem crazy, but I can make sure to look into anyone with a complaint to say and can find a way to resolve the issue.
---Reason 6: Professionalism---
This may be a server for a 10 dollar game but I can still act professional. When im not taking complaints or situations I m usually myself but when something goes down I promise you I will be serious.
---Reason 7: No personal Biases or Grudged---
I can hate people yes, but I will never let that interfere with administrative duties. I treat everyone the same as long as they have an issue that involved the admins.
That is abbout it, please consider me for an administrative role in your server and I hope to be apart of your team soon!

Timezone: eastern
Date: Nov 10, 2018


Redconer: No. Tryouts to become AutoModerator aren't open. Reasons 1 and 2 are repeats of the experience section; this is not trivia night. Actually, all of those reasons are trivia, and none of them are convincing us to accept you. This is one of the rare few apps that I feel disgust for reading because of how obnoxious the format is. I mean for God's sake- a layout was even provided for you, and you trashed that. No sir; you will not enter Arstotzka with those papers. Detained.

WaterOre: No. Reasons one and two are unnecesary; why repeat what I can already see in the experience section? Reasons three and four are not (or at least should not be) taken into account when deciding applications. This leaves three reasons that paint you as having your head on straight, but ultimately being robotic.

Swol: No.

GenR: No. Not a good fit personality for admin.

Trinko: No. Firstly, admins do not “regulate” the playerbase as if they are robots because not everyone is the same, nor will everyone comply the same way as everyone else. We do not deal with offenders to keep the “masses happy” or “at bay,” it's as you said, to enforce the rules and also fix bugs in the map, etc. Thats it. I’ve been to smore’s server, while at times it was crazy, it really isn’t enough to be called “hectic” aside from your occasional jokester who starts spouting memes everywhere and everyone tails behind them. Secondly, no one really cares if you have been super admin anywhere, we are here to evaluate your potential as an administrator, not to know how well you navigate a user interface. Also no one gives a flying lick of shit what someones BL_ID is, your ID does not define your maturity/mental age. Thirdly, proclaiming you are “professional, have lots of experience, or listen to complaints” doesn’t help you in the slightest in securing administrative status. Acting like a normal human-being, or as you’ve described “professionally” is expected of anyone who even decides to press “Join server” on the server list, what makes you think that we wouldn’t expect that from you either as if it was some surprising trait among people? Finally, saying that you have “no biases or grudges” probably means that you do have them, after all everyone who is capable of processing emotions has had this at least once in their life, it wouldn’t be very surprising if you had them and are just decieving us just so you can leave the minigame and jet around the map. TL;DR: your entire application gives me the “no shit” vibe. Please try again, NEXT!

Tophat: No.

Ranma: No. I hate the layout of this application so fucking much.

Tincan: Why can't you just stick with the format we already made? No!

Aware: No. Everyone has bias and if you can not recognize your own then you should not be in a position where you make decisions.

Neptune: No, We don't need you to list reasons in such format it feels like you're purposely wanting us to cherry pick your good points where everywhere else you essentially show you have a heavy sense of bias.

Danny Boy: No.


Name: Conan
ID: 4928

Experience: Administrated on my own server, various topics from full gamemodes (Farming, Prison Break, TDMs, Freebuilds) as well as on other servers (The Brighter Dark's, Skill4Life, Pecon's AoD, Port's, 2018 New Year, GBFL Soccer)
Administration duties ranged from actually monitoring chat + player interaction to modding/building new content. Have a lot of experience dealing with problem users, for which my primary response is progressively more punishing, depending on the situation. Most often I start with a mute or a kick, followed by an hour ban/mute (depending on the infraction), followed by a multi-day or permanent ban.
What is my job: Admins are there to ensure the majority of the people can have fun, but not at the expense of others. If people having fun are at conflict with or ignoring the gamemode's rules/design, careful judgement is needed to decide whether or not enforcing the rules is the best course of action.
An example would be a couple players having harmless RP while playing boss battles - although they arent technically playing the server 'correctly', there's no need to stop them. Meanwhile, someone escaping the map is not acceptable, as the boss may be unable to kill them and end the round. For them, I'd force kill them and request them to show me the exploit/vulnerability.
Another role of admins is to defuse emotions before they escalate, through redirecting an argument towards the admins ("hey can you guys stop" >> they engage/argue with the admin) or by watching out for people getting frustrated with the gamemode and offering them help/tips, or partnering up with them so they have more fun.

Why should you accept me: Based on the above responses, I believe my perspective on what an admin's role is aligns with yours. A number of your old admin team is now largely or permanently inactive, and new admins are needed to ensure the server isn't ruined by malicious players. In addition, due to my reputation within the community, I can deflect and defuse arguments even from problem users effectively. My goal as admin is always everyone's fun, and I see punitive actions as something to be avoided if possible, but used unapologetically and emphatically when needed or if the instigator refuses to stop.
I can also script and model and animate weapons, playertypes, and bricks, so that may be of use if you want to update the BB weapons, effects, and models to be more modern/have a common style. one example is the dakimakura bricks, which has a print pack that features the bosses

Timezone: pacific
Date: Aug 14, 2019

Aqua: No. Not an easy decision to make, because the application is very well written. The experience is large, with specific and broad examples, and the "What is my job" describes the job nicely, even if the example is unnecessary. My only problem, and what ultimately kills it for me, comes from "Why should you accept me". The wording and reasons in the last bit make me uneasy. Some of the reasons given strike me as not really reasons to accept you, such as "my reputation within the community" and some admins inactivity. There are still a good amount of admins that join on a regular basis, so explain why you should be accepted regardless, not use a circumstance. If I had firsthand experience, maybe my opinion would be different. Still a nice application.

Trinko: No, but recommended. You have decent experience and I have worked with and for you in the past so I can definitely back you up on that part, but this application is kind of disappointing to me and I had really high hopes for it. The first thing I see that kills it for me (but not in order) is this: “If people having fun are at conflict with or ignoring the gamemode's rules/design, careful judgement is needed to decide whether or not enforcing the rules is the best course of action.” While this can be interpreted multiple ways, rules will always be rules and you are to enforce them whether it messes with the whole gamemode or not. If people aren’t following the rules, they aren’t likely taking them seriously, haven’t read them (in which you kindly remind them of its existence), or are just there to be an ass; in other words, they shouldn’t be in the server at all. The second thing that kills it for me is this: “An example would be a couple players having harmless RP while playing boss battles - although they arent technically playing the server 'correctly', there's no need to stop them.” You were always pretty bad with analogies and examples sometimes, but this part should be a given (it's obvious) to anyone. Also instead of force-killing them you can just fetch them into the map but that really doesn’t matter as much as the roleplaying thing. If they aren’t disobeying the terms of service, they shouldn’t be a thought or afterthought to begin with. The third thing I see that absolutely kills this for me is this: “A number of your old admin team is now largely or permanently inactive.” While this is somewhat true, it has been stated before, we are not in desperate need of admins. People leave and come back, it’s Blockland after all - you can never leave forever. The more admins we have, the more we can ensure yes, that the server isn’t ruined by intentionally toxic and malicious people.

They will eventually come back and they are expected to enforce the rules like the rest of us. Additionally, you yourself become inactive periodically due to all the projects you play roles in (there is quite a lot of them), playing other games, etc. I don’t see why it's different for everyone else and it makes me slightly concerned about your activity but I know you are somewhat organized and will probably come on occasionally rather than periodically. Finally the last thing that kills me: “In addition, due to my reputation within the community, I can deflect and defuse arguments even from problem users effectively. My goal as admin is always everyone's fun, and I see punitive actions as something to be avoided if possible, but used unapologetically and emphatically when needed or if the instigator refuses to stop. I can also script and model and animate weapons, playertypes, and bricks, so that may be of use if you want to update the BB weapons, effects, and—“ I’m not even going to finish this quote. First of all, I have never seen you display egotistical behavior before, but I can tell you right now this is an extremely self-centered line and I don’t tolerate self-centered people, I think you know that part already. This isn’t to claim that you are self-centered though, but that the way this is worded is how it is perceived. Your reputation or fame is not the thing that defuses arguments, it might intimidate people but it certainly doesn’t change how people deal with you. If those particular people are assholes, they will still be assholes, just intimidated ones. Second of all, you realize a bunch of us (including myself) can make content like this too right?

I made icons for this server and fixed a bunch of maps through event knowledge and a bunch of other things, Jetz literally scripted half the gamemode, Aware has contributed models for certain weapons (williams sword, shield generator, reskins of certain items, etc.), Carbon Zypher, while not an admin, has contributed several types of content ranging from models, to scripts, etc. Your ability to create content (which is as always, very good btw), while is extremely respectable, commendable, and is certainly a thing to consider, is not a defining quality/characteristic that warrants administrative status which I’m sure you understand very well but I understand why you would put that out there. In addition to all this jazz, you seem to emphasize a lot on peoples “fun.” You can NEVER satisfy everyone, especially as an admin. I should know as such (and you’ve probably seen it yourself) because while I don’t annoy some people, there are others who think I am comparable to the likes of the most detestable of forum users. By signing up for administrative status, you should always expect people to not be satisfied by your actions, the opposition of opinions however can’t argue against being warned for the terms of service. As a result, you can never satisfy the needs of everyone because there will always be people out there seeking to disrupt the peace of the server. Conclusion: while I do highly recommend you for being admin here, this application is a bit inclined to believe we should accept you because you are well-known, which isn’t true for any of us.
This also doesn’t make you any more or less a good or bad administrator than any of us could ever be. I personally think you’re a great administrator and there is lots to be learned from you, but this is an admin application reviewing session after all and there are things in this application that can be improved that could drastically strengthen your application and could as a result increase your chances of acceptance by a longshot. As I have recommended you, I also recommend re-applying and addressing the issues in which I and all the others reviewing this application have described. I believe you will do very excellently here and I eagerly and earnestly look forward to your next attempt.

Redconer: Yes. Recommended. Even though your writing was loose, I know you well enough that you're capable of administrating. You're one of the nicest guys I've met in Blockland, and I know that you are capable of administrating Boss Battles, but don't accuse the admin team for being inactive. Also, please keep the demonic pillows away from us. We don't want Pecon to murder a potential admin right away. However, I'm worried that you might burn yourself out since you're involved in projects. Either way, good luck convincing the rest of us.

Swol: No, I will kill you, give me two hundred dollars

GenR: Yes. Great experience and you have a personality that I think will fit in with the rest of us. Most knowledgeable player by far in this session and my experiences with you in servers have always been positive ones.

Tophat: No. I like the application provided here because it feels like it's in the same vein in which I wrote mine so long ago. I also know you personally and believe you to be a wonderful admin, but I do not believe you will have the time to join to the server. I am completely willing to welcome you with open arms if you're free in the future.

Ranma: No. You have good experience, both administrating and making add-ons and whatnot, but I'm disappointed that you don't elaborate on this more in why you should be accepted (not including the body pillows). The amount of admins active on the server and whether we need more should never be a reason to accept someone, we aren't that desparate for admins when the game plays itself relatively smoothly even without the presence of an admin. It also bothers me that you think that having a pre-existing "reputation" means you're more able to deal with "problem users" or administrate more effectively because of your "reputation." I think that's a very egotistical line of thinking and does not at all align with our perspective of "an admin's role." I think your most redeeming quality is your add-in making skills, but you don't need to be an admin to make things for the server. Carbon Zypher, for example, made several assets for the server like Sirica's weapons while not being an admin. If you want to contribute to the server with add-ons, that's fine and most welcome, but don't think that doing so guarantees an admin position. You could possibly be a good administrator, but your reasoning falls flat and experience can't save that. If you reapply in the future, elaborate more specifically on your administration experiences.

Tincan: Yes. Reasoning is a little shaky, and the need for extra admins to be active during the day hours is kinda weak. However, you are extremely experienced, and know how to conduct yourself. I don't see the fault in saying yes, especially if I got accepted despite having somewhat shaky reasoning myself.

Aware: Yes. Maybe your writing skills aren't as good as some of your other skills lol. I do not see the problem adding that you can make content for Boss Battles, I put it on my application and got accepted. Your models are fantastic and honestly make me a little jealous. Your experience is more impressive than any application I've seen, and you even already have admin on Pecon's server. My biggest critique is that I've found progressive punishment regarding bans/kicks pretty worthless, it just means the person is going to join again when you are not on and start all over. Mutes are the warnings, and longer bans are the punishment.

Neptune: No, but reccomended. You have more than enough experience, I even know you're a good admin in other servers I have been too, the problem is you're overcomplicating things, as much as I think it's impressive that you are an addon maker, it's irrelevant to the application and you could still make content even without admin, while I do agree it is useful to know how to deal with known problem players just because they are known to be problematic however that doesn't mean you can just punish them harder than others. Also while you have some good points about players RPing, if they stall the match then they need either be warned or force killed. Force killing is not necessary if the player somehow escapes the map, like many said above you can just fetch them back into the arena, if they keep doing it then assuming you know what an admins job really is you would take the proper course of action to punish said player for exploiting the map.

Gizmo: No. Doesn't know how to play poker. Would be willing to change my answer for $1 Million farming bucks.

Danny Boy: No. I share Aqua's opinion.


Applications accepted this session:
- None.
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