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Music Suggestion Aggregation Thread

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If you have music suggestions you think would be a good fit for the server, post them here!

Some guidelines:
- If the track is particularly long or only a part of the song fits the theme, feel free to point the relevant part out as it'll make judging the suggestions much easier.
- Please, only 3 suggestions max per post.
- You can embed music from Youtube by putting the url inside of [youtube] [/youtube] BBCode tags. [vimeo] for Vimeo videos and [video] / [audio] for direct links to media files are also available.
fake admin
Hacking Malfunction - FTL Advanced Edition, Ben Prunty

I remember suggesting this a few years ago, but the suggestion was lost(?) in other events that were happening at the time. The song would need trimming, but I believe that it would work well in the tracklist.
Pecon Forgot My Admin
Shadow of the Colossus - Revived Power (Kou Otani)

Terraria - Lunar Towers (Scott Lloyd Shelly)

Super Mario Galaxy 2 - Time Attack (Mahito Yokota, Ryō Nagamatsu, Koji Kondo)
Preferred for the loop to start at 1:42

Loop for the third one starts around 1:23, ends about 1:48. Other two songs are just good boss music, idk if easily loopable
Jerry McLarry
There used to be a message here, but it was removed by the owner.
Song Title: Breakable Things (?)
Artist: Brian Reitzell

Part of the Watch_Dogs OST, I'm thinking you could loop the part from 0:00 to 0:05 or from 0:32 to 0:37

"karaoke" is just for the instrumental because its nutty

we need jojo music
i like robots

virtual on is one of my favourite childhood games and it would be nice if either one of these songs were added, they would make good boss themes
Serious Sam: The First Encounter - LastFight


good action music, i think it fits BB pretty well. Also is my childhood lel
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