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Music Suggestion Aggregation Thread

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Jerry McLarry
Necro-ing an old forum? Unheard of.

Full title: Blood Drain -Again- (Eltnum Theme)
Suggested loop timeframe: ~0:20 - ~01:58

Full title: Race

Full title: Run

Last two suggestions lack a *decent* looping point, there's gonna be a noticeable join.
Jerry McLarry
Given the overabundance of "swordies", as Failbros puts it, this seems quite fitting. There's a intro associated with this file, but I don't know your music system. Ergo, just take this loop instead.

Song title: "Hesitant Blade -Eclipse-" by Chamber Chu
Jerry McLarry
This forum is suffering from the heat death of the universe. No reason to keep it up, hm?

01 for mono, 02 for stereo.
we should add minecraft
Jerry McLarry
You thought this forum was dead, Pecan? Not in the slightest.

All songs loop naturally. Check the video(s) descriptions for a Google Drive of the ripped soundtrack to download, if you decide to include 'em.

Also, happy 12th anniversary. Let's see how long the train runs.
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