Note that it is up to the admins on the server to decide whether or not you have broken a rule.
Admins do not have to 'catch' you breaking a rule to punish you.

1. Do not be an asshole. This rule is very broad but use some common sense and you should be fine.
2. Do not spam the chat.
3. Do not post pornographic links or trap links. Breaking this will always result in a permanent ban, even if the link is not parsed.
4. Do not reconnect to the server to avoid a mute. You will be immediately banned.
5. Do not intentionally hold up the game.
6. Do not intentionally distribute misinformation.
7. Do not intentionally suicide for the purpose of depriving the other team of kill points.
8. Do not attempt to circumvent any of the chat filters (e-tard, caps, ect). They are here for a good reason, we will not hesitate to ban you.
9. When you're dead, do not tell people where living players are. The exception to this is when someone is wasting everyone's time by hiding, and clearly not intent on fighting the enemy.
10. Most importantly, whatever you do, for the love of everything do not open the Golden Chest. What is inside is meant for no mortal to experience the unimaginable horrors of knowing.