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September 28, 2015 13:03:39

Quote from: Bladeboy
Seems interesting, i would love to play on this map.
Onion Knight
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October 17, 2015 18:28:43
Le Bump
I'm debating on whether I should keep the office themed interior in the second building or if I should remove it in favor of a more open, spacious interior similar to the main building. I prefer the main building's interior since it looks more viable for fighting in, however I don't really want each interior to look copy-pasted. I want them to look different, but still semi-easy to traverse without running into a bunch of random shit. Currently the first floor of the second building is a room with cubicles, a hallway separating the cubicle room from the other room, and a room containing slightly destroyed rooms, and the staircase next to it. I'm planning on making the second floor an administration area, with several private offices, etc. Thoughts?
BLID: 31596
October 17, 2015 19:25:01
I don't know, an office tends to look like it's just a bunch of cubicles copied and pasted both IRL and IG. Maybe put things such as bookcases in some cubicles, and iPads or something in others. I dunno, the office-cubicle part just doesn't lend itself very well to Boss Battles. Possibly just either remove it, or make the cubicles into a ruins of an office (although not too big). A bad suggestion, but I am more for removing it and replacing it with something else.
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