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April 13, 2016 5:31:22
Pecon,here are ideas for things i want you will create/it will be very Good-(please Create these things).
in /titleshop (MORE TITLES)
1)Vortexian(300 BC) - giving you Vortexian's suit-t the spawns and at the map but - (without vortexian's weapons of course).

2)Dragon(150 BC) - doing you small dragon only on the spawns -(like the title "cat").

3)Captain(120 BC).

4)Mech(280 BC)- doing you small kaje 2.o - only at the spawns (of course) (and without kaje2.0's weapons of course) (like the title "cat").

5)Stormtrooper(310 BC) - giving you stormtrooper's helmet (hatmot) at the spawns and at the map - (like the title vortexian).

6)Spy(290 BC)-giving you spy's mask (hatmod)- like the title stormtrooper.

7)Torchman/Flareon/Flameon (310 BC) -giving you fire player trail.(in every place)((all the time)).

8)SuperHero(200 BC)-giving ypu big red cape ((in every place--all the time)).

9)ArmyMan(300 BC)- giving you ARMY hat(helmet)(hatmod)[like the title stormtrooper].

10)Ninja(305 BC) - giving you ninja's hat(mask)-hatmod(like the title stormtrooper).

11)Policeman(255 BC)- giving you POLICEMAN's hat-(hatmod_-[like the title stormtrooper].

12)Phantom(305 BC)-giving you PHANTOM's hat-(hatmod_-[like the title stormtrooper].

......and more......

in /petshop (MORE PETS)

1)T-rex pet - (90 bc)

2)Dog pet - (80 bc)

3)Mutalid pet-(150 bc)....

CREATE PLZ /weponshop-

#1 bubbleshot (180 bc)
#2 thundercrack (280 bc)
#3 double six shooter (320 BC).....

CREATE PLZ MORE /trailshop & /hatshop ......

Thanks, Littlesmall,Onomo,Aquader,RMB, Meet The Medic !,Modern Assassin,=m=POWs,Tsagadar,Dralf,Spike69,Skelatj.

:) .....
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April 13, 2016 12:24:40
I don't think a weapon shop will be accepted, especially since the miniboss one was removed.
The T-Rex pet would look too similar to the raptor pet
I don't really like the idea of giving a title, even with how expensive it is, to look like a Vortexian. I feel like this will provide and unfair advantage to the normals, since the boss won't be able to tell who is a Vortexian and who is not, besides the fact of a difference of weapons and abilities.
The captain title is too expensive to not do anything
These titles are all too expensive
I don't like the idea of a superman cape, can get in the way of gameplay
Cool Person
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April 13, 2016 14:38:06
The titles are way too expensive, and Torchman would take away value from one of the donor perks (self-immolation). Vortexian would cause confusion in gameplay.

/weaponshop would also damage balance, take away value from donor perks, and I'm flat-out not sure how it would work. Are the weapons only for one round, or are they permanent? If they're only for one round, what happens if the boss pointspites?

I can get behind the mutalid pet, though.
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April 14, 2016 3:32:02
pecon can create the titles more cheap
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April 14, 2016 14:24:17
Please try to consolidate your posts more.
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April 14, 2016 17:57:16

Quote from: Pecon
Please try to consolidate your posts more.
Yes, how you write your posts makes them hard to read and comprehend.
WaterOre summed up what I said, I completely agree.

Anyways, this is for Pecon to agree to, as she is the owner and always gets the final word. I don't believe all(or most) of them will get approved, but the pets might, as long as they have a good model.
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April 18, 2016 17:30:32

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April 18, 2016 17:48:11

Quote from: Aware
Couldn't figure out how to insert the video in the reply
Pretty much any shop in general which gives an advantage gets spammed to the ends of the Earth... or when the shop gets deleted
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April 22, 2016 10:05:47

Testing newer youtube support in the video tag

Looks like I got it.

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