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The Real
BLID: 32202
July 31, 2016 10:58:14
I haven't posted on here ever. But I had a great idea for a new miniboss system and figured this was the place to share it.

So the idea I had involves the boss selection score system. My idea was that the 3 players with the highest score that are not selected for boss become minibosses, but they are randomly selected. The miniboss is randomly selected because personally I don't want there to be 3 juggernauts at once.
Here's an example of how it would work.

Player Herpus mc Derpus has 5000 boss selection score
Player Derpus mc Herpus has 4500 boss selection score
Player Dank Memes has 4250 boss selection score
Player I ran out of ideas has 4000 boss selection score.
Everyone else has less score than these 4

Player Herpus mc Derpus would be the boss.
The other 3 would become random minibosses.

Obviously this system isn't perfect. Maybe there would need to be a way to prevent people becoming minibosses every round. However I think a system like this is much better than the current system of just randomly deciding minibosses. They add challenge to the boss, and should be a more significant part of the game. Feel free to improve onto my idea, or share your concerns on a system like this.
The Real
BLID: 32202
July 31, 2016 11:01:41
And now I realize I should have named this New Miniboss Selection Idea. Oh well
BLID: 33769
August 4, 2016 18:41:56
sorry to bump this, but i need to inform you:
this would kind of be unfair to bad players who need to get more points by becoming a miniboss, and i know that it wouldn't be the same person as a boss twice but there might be new glitches that come with this. the only thing i would improve to this is the people who have most points having a generally higher chance of becoming boss / miniboss than others and not confirmed boss / miniboss.
BLID: 200355
October 22, 2016 2:59:38
Seems like this would enforce minibosses to bosses every round, which would really shutout newbies even if they choose Rotondo unless it's at the volcano map.

EDIT - This thread was from July? Well, crap.

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