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Onion Knight
BLID: 11167
February 25, 2016 12:25:04
Skul is right but sperging like that won't get you anywhere. Pretty much all of the recent updates have either casualized the game even more (example: easy melee) or add more unnecessary shit that doesn't add to the game whatsoever (pets, special rounds, etc). The worst part is that there hasn't been a new boss in what, a year? Instead of adding in redundant things like pets and special rounds, there should be more of a focus on creating new classes and bosses. I mean for fuck's sake half the special rounds still have bugs that need to be fixed (rotondo in gemini, res'd people losing weps in chaos, etc). Also, I think that special rounds allowing people to become previously removed classes like runner or over powered private bosses is just idiotic. They're not intended to be used normally in game and shouldn't be shoehorned in for "special rounds" at all. I don't really mind the removal of minibosses from the shop, but I think that they should just be entirely removed and have their assets recycled for new bosses or classes like I mentioned a while ago. If not that, at least make it so there can't be several of the same miniboss. You weren't allowed to do it before, absolutely no reason why it should be allowed now.
Female Totalitarian Ruler
BLID: 9643
February 25, 2016 17:57:48
Creating content for new classes and bosses is easily the most challenging of things I can work on. With the exception of very small contributions, I am pretty much the only person who develops any code for Boss Battles any more. Jetz has mostly moved off to other things, and I often have work to deal with and therefore my time to work on Boss Battles is very limited. The past week I've mostly only worked on bug fixes, and at least one of the bugs you mentioned is actually currently fixed (golden wrench revives will now give back items in chaos rounds). On top of having little time, developing for Boss Battles isn't actually my job. I am not and never have been obligated to make anything for the server, I only do it because it amuses me. This is why a majority of content updates have been your so-called 'unnecessary shit', because that's all I've actually wanted to make. I'm not interested in jumping into the hell of developing a new class or boss and the hours of tweaks and balances needed afterwards.

In a slightly lighter note, I mentioned up there that my priority right now is fixing the new issues that have arisen from the most recent changes. I still am planning to fix damage scaling on some gemini boss abilities, and I am planning on implementing a sort of queuing system for minibosses to make their appearances less volatile. So I'm hoping you'll appreciate that, at least.
Onion Knight
BLID: 11167
February 26, 2016 13:07:51
I've always appreciated the work you put into the server and for how long you've done so. It's certainly more work than myself and many other people would do for no profit. If making things for Boss Battles is just for your amusement, then I guess any argument I make is pointless. You're right, this isn't your job and you have no obligation to listen to anyone on how to run the server or what to add. I suppose I tend to see Boss Battles as its own game and not just another server on an obscure lego game, and that everything added to it should focus on the main idea of Boss Battles. I don't necessarily dislike the idea of having special rounds or other extra things added to the server, but I just felt like they were getting more attention than what I believe are more important factors like classes and bosses. Of course, that's only my opinion. If it isn't what you want to do then I have no say. I apologize if it feels like I constantly shit on whatever it is you add to the server. The fact that you still make things for this server after 4 years is enough for me to shut up. Keep doing what you enjoy doing, I'll try not to be as vocal about my opinions. If not that, I'll try to at least be less rude about how I convey my thoughts.
BLID: 31596
February 27, 2016 10:24:11
Yea, I feel like maybe special rounds should be a lot less common than they are already, otherwise it'd take away from the "special" part of it.
BLID: 164884
February 28, 2016 13:36:54

Quote from: Drydess
Yea, I feel like maybe special rounds should be a lot less common than they are already, otherwise it'd take away from the "special" part of it.

If the special rounds are too common, this game would pretty much become a Randomizer or Battlemix of sorts. I haven't been on the server for probably 2 months though, and I will try to get on ASAP to look at the new additions and perhaps voice my opinions on these topics.
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