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March 26, 2016 17:45:56
I think alot of people agree, that skyscraper and blizzard are not maps meant for bossbattles, Skyscraper especially, you can just camp everywhere in the building, and medusa can just hang down at the bottom.
The "go deeper for a teleport" function is horrible aswell, its easy abusable because the boss doesnt teleport to the telehub.
the spawns on skyscraper. boss and normal spawn right next to eachother.
it isnt a map for bossbattles, more for a DM/TDM
Onion Knight
BLID: 11167
March 26, 2016 21:06:45
I built Skyscraper specifically for Boss Battles. It wasn't intended for anything else. However, I cannot prevent these things due to constraints from the server itself such as the inability to use zone bricks and other tools that would make preventing camping on the sides of buildings and easier task. Of course, it is my fault that I did not take into account the mindset of a typical player as well as player tendencies with flying bosses like Medusa and in some cases William. The teleporting feature could definitely use more work, but since water events seem to not function correctly (at least while I was testing it), we were forced to use something else, however having bosses and normals teleport away from each other is fully intended and is much more beneficial than having them teleport to the same area. Normally, the teleporting was supposed to take a lot more HP. A normal player would not survive more than two falls. As such, this is able to be abused by normals in escaping from bosses since they do not lose as much HP as they're supposed to. Lastly, the spawns are fine. You spawn no closer to the boss than one would normally on Hangar. Also, the boss has multiple spawns, so sometimes the boss will be spawned in a different building entirely. For some reason it doesn't happen as often as it should, but it still works sometimes nonetheless.

If you have any further complaints related to my map, keep them in the thread I've already made for it so we don't have random threads drowning out others. This forum is slow, but I still think you should at least keep relevant discussion in their respective threads. I would excuse this if you had mentioned anything related to Blizzard, but it looks like it's all critiques on Skyscraper.

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