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Epoxy bomb rework

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Epoxy bombs have been reworked, and may experience more tweaks soon to re-balance them further. These are the initial changes, for your reference. You may post feedback here or in the Discord. (Aside: Forum registration is currently broken, so you'll have to post your feedback in the Discord if you're not already registered here)

+ Epoxy bomb placement is now more sensible and conforms to the surface it is placed against.
- This improves their visibility to both players and the Boss, and obviously just looks better.

+ Epoxy bombs now must have a direct line of sight to the Boss in order to detonate. Any obstruction (including bricks and non-Boss players) will prevent it from detecting the Boss.
- This change makes the positioning of epoxy bombs much more important, and gives the Boss more opportunities to avoid them.

+ Epoxy bomb detonation is now delayed by one second, and preceded by a bright red light and a beep sound.
- If the Boss notices the bomb, it is possible for them to move out of its range quickly to evade its effect entirely. Epoxy bombs previously had practically no counterplay, so this should make fighting scientists more interactive.

+ Epoxy bombs are no longer removed when their owner dies.
- This change should encourage scientists to place their epoxy bombs in impactful locations that aren't simply right next to their shield nest, since the opportunity to use their epoxy bomb is no longer directly tied to their survival. This emphasizes their usefulness as a macro game tool, allowing scientists to have greater impact when they correctly predict good positioning.

+ Epoxy bombs now only reduce current movement speed by 50%, but this effect can stack if multiple epoxy bombs detonate.
- Previously epoxy bombs would reduce movement speed down to the player's crouch speed, but this had a disproportionate effect against high mobility Bosses since their crouch speeds usually were the same as slower Bosses. This should help scientists be less disproportionately oppressive against high mobility Bosses.

+ Epoxy slowing effect duration increased to 15 seconds. (Was 13)
- I've done this since the above change will probably make it more difficult to take advantage of a successful epoxy effect. I could end up reverting this if epoxy bombs still seem too oppressive.

+ Some minor quality of life changes & bugfixes.
- Holding your epoxy bomb while another you own is still deployed will give you a message reminding you that placing another will replace the first.
- Fixed some cases of the epoxy emitter effect not being removed from players, or of it removing/replacing a different visual effect.
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